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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another red skins mom's feeling about her baby girls and her scratchy monster!

When I first read this post by another mom I jnow that's daughter had what they though was uncontrollable eczema, turned out to be steroid withdrawal, I balled my eyes out! It is exactly how I feel about Kline! One day my baby will be normal and the itchy bastard will be kicked to the curb! Here is her heart felt letter to her daughter! And here is her daughter she is now cured from her red skin syndrome! Gives me hope!! A MOTHERS WISH "Every morning, I try to start the day out positive for my daughter's sake regardless of how much sleep we didn't get the night before. Today was no exception. I woke her up at 8:25 only 3 short hours after she finally fell asleep after the usual nightlong restless tossing and turning, scratching, crying, and scratching some more - already running late for her big day. I took my 3 1/2 yr. old daughter to her 'first' day of preschool today, telling myself she needs this - she will have fun. My husband and I want her to have a 'normal childhood'...we don't want her to feel 'different' from the other kids, but reality hit quickly as I watched in circle time, my daughter struggling not to scratch - pulling her pant legs up and scratching her legs until one bled, her back, her arms, the back of her neck as if bugs were crawling all over her skin. And as the other children took their long sleeve shirts/jackets/sweaters off as it got warmer, my daughter stayed in hers.  My heart sank as the other little girls ran by to the playground in their little sun dresses and tank tops because it was warm out now, bare legs, no redness, no flaking, no peeling, no rashes, no itching. I looked over at my daughter in her long sleeves and pants still scratching, watching her trying to scratch a spot on her back as she watched the other kids run around - figuring out where she fits in in all this...and I know she'll figure it out. She's a smart kid - a sensitive one - and like most children, more resilient than we tend to give them credit for. As the school day started to come to an end for my daughter and we were getting ready to go home, we watched the other children getting ready for their nap time, eagerly pulling out their sleeping bags and pillows arranging them on the floor next to their little friends.  My daughter looked up at me and asked why she wasn't taking a nap at school.  I wondered to myself if my daughter would ever be able to take a carefree nap at preschool or even at home like the other kids - probably not. I don't wish for her to be the smartest kid, or the prettiest, or the fastest - I just wish SO much and pray everyday that just for one day and one night she can feel 'normal' - what it feels like not to itch incessantly, what it feels like to sleep through the night without being tormented by the Scratchy Monster and to have her skin burn and itch,what it feels like to climb into the bath tub without asking, "Mommy, is this going to burn?"....I wish I could trade places with her and take all this from her so she can be happy and carefree like children are supposed to be. This I wish for her."