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Saturday, July 14, 2012

"I frusterNated mommy!"

Yeah me too Kline!  Here he is week 20!!!!!!!  Still nearly all the time in the bath, but he is getting some little breaks and sleeping better!!!!!!!!!  Last night he slept 12 hours!!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit! We will take that!!  He also got his 1st boil on his thumb. Not to painful, thankfully! I have heard they can really be terrible!

I wanted to share that since Kline started having red skin syndrome, he started grinding his teeth so bad at night. I mean bad, sounds like the kid is chewing on a bolder! Yuck!!! I think because he is in so much pain even when sleeping he is grinding his teeth to relieve some pressure.  Just my theory! I hope he cuts that out when he is makes my spin shiver! 

Also, if anyone who lives in Truckee wants to come over for a play date...which would be either in the bath or hot tub...please come over.  Kline is so lonely!!!!!

Night night,

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  1. Loren, we are so glad that Kline is sleeping better. That proves he is healing. Wish we could come over and have a play date with our beautiful grandson! Love you! Love 'em everyday
    ! GMa and GPa