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Monday, July 16, 2012

kline dances!

here kline is in week 20 and the best day he has had in 6 months! The next day he flares terrible and was in the tub all day, but hey we got one good day with many many more to come...stay tune!
xoxoxo Loren


  1. Yep, one day at a time! That day must have been magical! Hope more days like that are on their way! His face looks so clear and beautiful! xoxo!

  2. Takes after GGPa and GPa. The dancing Meier's. So glad to see Kline happy and you too. You sound so happy. We are too! Love you! Love 'em everyday!


  3. It blesses me so much to see him healing and gives me hope for the other children. I am very interested in the drink, too! God bless him and all of you!