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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kline's television experiences!

So, Kline has been watching a ton of when he is not sleeping he is watching, so he is watching all of the time, since there is very little sleep.  Not the best parenting but it takes his mind of the itch which is huge!

Last night, or should I say this morning around 4 am....he was watching the freaky deaky power puff girls (freaking deakies need love too!) and all the freaky deakies got super sun burnt. Kline let out the loudest scream and said,

"turn this off, I don't like sun burn!"

So, I turned it off...let me tell You these dang Super puffs, looked just like my poor son! No wonder he didn't want to watch, here he is trying to escape from his terrible sun burn like body to only see other people suffering.  He is so smart!  And now, when he wants to watch power puffs, he says,

"but not the sunburn one, I don't like that one!"

Then this morning , we were watching 64 zoo lane( a shout out to our British peeps,)
And the rhino had itchy ticks all over him...

I said, " look that rhino is itchy too!" and he said

" no, not like me mommy, my itchies are inside me. He has them ON him!". Again super smart!

Well, a bird friend came and ate all the rino's itchies away, so I pretended to eat his itchy bugs away. No go! He said,

" mommy, my itchies are inside me!"

Poor baby!

Sweet heart, one day your itchies won't be inside you anymore! I promise!

I love you itchy little man!

Xoxoxo mommy!


  1. So smart and so brave! You would never know from the pictures on the deck that Kline was in such pain so much of the time. Pray for the day when all the time he can be the happy little boy he deserves to be. We Love You! Love 'em everyday! GMa & GPa

  2. Nice of you to share :) how smart that he can tell the differences in the itch ... It's all going to pass ... He will be a super hero after this . He already is .. Let me tell you . To put up this this kind of pain ...

  3. He really is so smart Loren! Cutest little guy! You guys are both lucky to have each other; he has such a bright and happy future ahead of him. Xoxoxo.

  4. Love 64 zoo lane (great theme tune!).

    Kline looks super cute in his rainy day gear. I hope the itchy bugs go away soon.


  5. Yes we loved 64 Zoo lane too! although at the time it was on at silly o clock so it meant I was up too early!

    He looks so lovely in his rain gear!


  6. He is one smart little boy and he might help discover a cure someday! xoxoxo