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Sunday, June 3, 2012

"I wish I had friends, mommy!"

Notice in these pix his is not as red, he is not in a capillary red flare here (still a little itchy but not hot crazy red itchy) look at his skin, he is healing!

and literally 2 minutes later, here he is flared!  see below...his neck, face and ears got all red and then about 5 or so minutes later his flare passed and he was back to the top pix.

And bring on the tears!!  Yes, that is what Kline said to me in his 7th hour of bath time today. He was watching Some kids show on his iPad and they were talking about friends.  And he turns to me and said," I wish I had friends, mommy!"

Water works!!!!! 

Kline and I are very social beings, we always had people over for monthly dinners and ton and tons of play dates.  Those have stopped!  We can't entertain anymore because his hot itching fits are so bad. He can't even enjoy his friends when they come over to visit because he just feels plain old crappy.  So, I can not wait for us to get our life back and do all the fun things we used to do with all of our amazing friends.  This is another thing I never ever want to hear my little boy say again!!!!! EVER!!!!!

Kline update...he slept 8 hours in a row last night which was amazing!!!!  And so needed!!!  But then he had a bad flare day today, he spent 12 or 13 hours in the bath.  I asked him why he didn't want to get out and he said....

"I itchy when I get out, mommy!"

Then I said,

" don't you get bored in the tub all day?"

He said,

"no, people bring me things, food, ice packs, Chips, my iPad. Grammy got me a watering can!"
so, I guess he does not get bored! He is waited on all day!

Sleep well, xoxoxoxo Loren


  1. He has more friends that he knows. Friends from all around the world!
    Its so good to see that his skin is improving.
    You are a great mom for doing this. Hopefully more parents will see the light and follow your example.

  2. Aww Kline, I know the feeling! I am a social butterfly and have become a invalid in my own bedroom for months now. I get very lonely, but as I am starting to heal, I am slowly going places and had a couple of visitors. You are so brave and mommy is a good mommy to you! Grammy is good to you, too. I love ya big guy and praying for a quick healing for you. xoxoxox Joey

  3. I can see the pictures here in this blog. It does look like Klines skin is getting better. Thank God for the little bits of relief that Kline is getting. Tell Kline, he has lots of friends in CA, NV, MD, Sweden and Jersey to name a few. We love you! Love 'em everyday! GMa and GPa

  4. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your journey! I had no idea RSS existed, and thanks to your blog I think I've found an answer to my symptoms & flare-ups for the past 18 months. I'll be meeting with my allergist next week to share research and get her opinion.

    You're a good momma for doing this now! I've been on steroids for nearly 30 years, and I got pregnant mid-withdrawal. The LAST thing I want is for my little one to go through this, so I'm sticking with it!

  5. Megan, that is why I do thin blog I am so happy for you! Omgrats on the pregnancy too. If you You click on th epicure of klines scabby wrists it will take you to the non profit, where there is a ton of info qnd support forum. And if you friend me on facebook, I can add you to the facebook private support group. You will need all the support you can get. And I hope your allergist is on board!! Our is not an maybe are not, they will just make you feel bad for not using the roids. If you need anything you can email me. Lorenbmccormac@ Yu are so brave and your baby has the best mom ever for doing this for him or her!!! I wish I did n't use while I was pregnant and breast feeding!! Who knows how different our lives could have been!!!! All the best and please stay in touch!!! Xoxoxoxooxoxxo Loren

  6. Thanks everyone, I know we have sooo many friends, but is is a very isolating event in our lives! Xoxoxoxoxoxxoxooox

  7. It sounds like he's doing a little bit better? I hope so! I am anxiously watching to see Kline healed!! I'm glad you got some sleep! I had prayed for you guys a couple nights ago that Kline's body would be calm for just one night so that you and he could get some get sleep! I'm sure that wasn't because of me but probably the effect of MANY people who are praying for you guys every day. Maybe God is up there somewhere and loves you! :)

    take care

  8. His skin really is looking soooo much better!!! I am so happy to see this! I tell you, next summer is going to be so fun for all of us.... swimming, biking, playing in the sun! We will get there! Hugs and loves as always!!!