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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Help! I need somebody, help not just anybody!

Video~ Kline and Grammy monkeying around at his 1st birthday!

Happy birthday Grammy! we couldn't get through this with out you!!!

My parents are amazing!  My mom has pretty much moved in with us the last few weeks to help us get through this itchy bastard hell! 

My dad and step mom made a special trip out to see us in Cali and help from new jersey, just because I asked them to. 

Our support is amazing.........from our parents, family, friends,  Dr. Rapaport, and not to forget all of our new red skin family we have met on our itchy bastard journey! I hope that all of you get support like we do.  If you do have to go through red skin, you can not do this alone!  And if someone offers you support, take it!!!

Klines update, week 14 tomorrow, 3 and 1/2 months! can i get a woot woot!!!!
well, his break in flares seems to have broken....we got about 2 days and now he is itching like crazy again and not sleeping at all. still not oozing as much so that is good!  he is still living in the tub and has a major tantrum and flare when we take him out.  I am so proud that we have made it to 3 and 1/2 months, but i sure wish we were already at a year!!!!

love to you all, from the tubby! Loren xoxoxo


  1. You all are amazing! Give that little merman a big hug and high five from us!

  2. Wish we were closer and could help more with getting Kline and you and Denny back to a normal life. We love you very much! Hey, if we win the Power Ball ($164 million), we be our to stay.

    Love you! GMa and GPa