Stop topical steroid abuse!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And we have a winner.............

We went to Beverly hills to see dr. Marvin ,Rapaport  the pioneer of the topical steroid addiction withdrawal front and yes people.....we have an answer, we have a cure and with time Kline  will heal!!! Red skin syndrome we are going to beat your ass to the curb and then kick you the hell out of here for good!!!!! We are so blessed to have an answer with a cure, it may take Kline  a year or so to get better but he WILL get better! Had we stayed on the topical steroid route that we were on he would have only had gotten worse and worse and had to have used so much higher doses of steroids.  I am so blessed to have found out about red skin and I will do all that I can to help others find their answers to the cure too!!   Dr. Rapaport thinks that since Kline came out at birth with skin rashes / " eczema", that he could have already been addicted to steroid because I was on a lot of clorbetasol for my vulvadynia/hemroids when I was pregnant with him and breastfeeding him.  So, soon to be mama's, be careful of what You are taking and putting  on you when pregnant and breast feeding!! It could effect your little baby in a very bad way! If I knew then what I know now, I would have never complained about his eczema, it was absolutely nothing compared to this hell his is going through and I would never had put a drop of clorbetasol on my arse! Well, not just my arse but you get the picture! :-) I'll post more tomorrow on our suck ass trip to LA with a child with red of any kind while your kiddo is coming off steroid addiction is a real pain in the arse! Please check out this website it is  the non profit for topical steroid withdrawal network. You can find more info about what Kline is suffering from and  if  you can donate to red skin syndrome ,  so we can help spread the word to help others that are suffering like Kline, that would be awesome!!! Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers, we need them!! Xoxoxoxxoxoxo Loren.....I heart dr. Marvin Rapaport!!!


  1. Hi Loren! Its great that you got to see Dr Rap and got some answers.

    I found the bit about Kline being addicted to steroids at birth really interesting. When I was pregnant with my kids I slathered steroid creams on my body every day because I was so itchy and then I breastfed them when using the creams. I feel so stupid now. Looking back, i was very lucky that my kids weren't born with RSS, but of course, the docs are happy to keep prescribing the poison, even when you are pregnant!

    I'm so grateful that we have all found the answer to this and have a hope of cure.

    Kline is such a cutie and such a brave warrior. He will soon have lovely, itch free skin. x

  2. Fab news Loren! So glad you have some answers, it is a tough horrid road but you will get there! x

  3. Pictures and videos don't come near touching the horror of this syndrome on our Super Grandson Kline! His poor skin feels like a dried up leather biker jacket. The only good thing was that Kline wanted Grandpa to itch him. something about me having hairy hands, I guess I should resent that; but if it makes Kline feel better to have GrandPa's hairy hands caressing him, then I'll do it all day! We love you Kline and look forward to the day when we are not crying inside about our great little guy! Love you! Love 'em everyday!

  4. Hi, I am so glad you are getting some answers. I haven't read all your entries, so I am not sure what if anything you are using on his skin to help with the itching. I have been reading about curcumin helping with excema...actually I got into that by trying to find a solution for myself. I really hope this passes quickly for him. I am not religious in a catholic or christian sort of way, but I am spiritual, and I am going to pray for him in my own way that he gets through this time quickly.

    I just had a thought. Have you ever heard of infrared saunas? It would be interesting what dr rappaport would think about this method of detoxing the skin. Would it help? Or make his symptoms worse? They are fairly affordable and can set up in an hour. I will probably buy one for myself someday.