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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 13 and seeing some signs of relief!!!! Yahooooooo!!!

here is Kline when we were in Santa Monica to see Dr. Rapaport, this is a little glimpse of my real son, itchy bastard free! can"t wait!

Kline is actually looking less red, way less , less scabbing, and having days with out constant flares!!!!  He is sleeping more at night, up to 7 hours at a time. 

Now, I am not getting my hopes up that we are past the worst, I know how this crazy monster called red skin think he is on the way out, just to attack again.

But we will take it!!!! 

We will take the little bit of peace and little bit of time together we have with out the itchy bastard.  Kline is spending most, or should I say all, of his days in the bath!  I am talking 8 hours people, he is putting in a full work day! He doesn't want to get out because the itchy bastard tend to attack when people are drying off from a bath.  I have an email into dr. Rapaport to see if there is a thing as too much of a bath!  I'll keep you posted!

In his bath we use,
Either apple cider vinegar, epsom salts, or aveeno oatmeal.

And either olive oil or hemp oil...we may try grape seed oil too.

He seems to tolerate all of these in any combo at this time, which is way more than he could tolerate a month ago, so baby steps, well take them!

We still do not put anything directly on his skin, that is why I use the oil in the bath.  We were doing Vaseline but it seemed to start burning after a few days, so buy buy Vaseline!

I am starting to see signs of my old little boy again, and it is giving me hope for a better future, red skin free!

Love to you all! Xoxoxoxoxo Loren