Stop topical steroid abuse!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Oh your son has eczema? You know what really cured my step sisters, brothers, 1/2 uncle's , best friend, was unicorn farts? You should try them!"

 And I would have, I would have gone to mount Olympus for a jar of unicorn farts and I would have spend thousands of dollars on them if they could just possibly be the answer to what would help my son with what he is suffering from.  Well, as it turns out now that I know he gas topical steroid withdrawal,  which is NOT eczema, I now know we don't need to try anymore lotions or potions or specialist. We need time, ice, ib pro fin, and some good old sunshine, (also,some  vasaline if I could just get the kid to give it a try). 

So, thank you for all of your suggestions.....there have been tons!  Everyone's tried to be so helpful when it comes to a child suffering, and I thank you all for that!  If anyone happens to have a time machine, I would definitely give that a go, as speedy this next year up to go through withdrawal faster would be priceless! Unlike the unicorn farts! ;-)

Kline's topical steroid withdrawal update- (These pix were yesterday when he was oaaing like crazy....i will show the next days pix later where all the oozing spots turned to scabs! and he couldn"t walk.)

He is in week 10 I think, we do not have an exact date of when we stopped.  He was seeming much better, flaring a few hours on and a few hours off night and day, but 2nights ago, the itchy little bastard, as I like to call his itch, not him, came back with a vengeance.  He is oozing and itching non stop and not sleeping at all.  Now, his oozing skin has turned to scabs all over and he can barely walk because his skin behind his knees is so tight.  This is hell people! No one should have to go through this!!  This morning he asked me if I liked that he itched?  So sad, no baby mommy hates that you itch with ever part of my being, if I could take your pain from you and take it on myself I would, ten fold! I wish mommy could make this better, but I just can't and it breaks my heart.

ps. Kline did not sleep last night at all till 6am...he had the worse itching fits I have ever seen.  ugh!!!

Signed with a tear,
Sleep well, itchy ones!