Stop topical steroid abuse!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I went to the dermatologist and allergist and all I got was a really nice pen and a tub of topical steroids. Oh yeah, and red skin syndrome!

These were all of the topical steroids Kline was prescribed during his 2.5 years of abuse!

He used......
triamcinolone .1%
hydrocortisone 2.5%
derma smooth oil 
mupirocin2%\ o/desonide .05%

 Sometimes we put all of these on in  the same day...multiple times a day for 2.5 years..and not one of kline's  doctor's  (to protect his doctor's I will change their names to  Dr. Ass and Dr. Wad!) or pharmastis's warned us that we may be using too much...we were getting tubes and tub refills every month for 2.5 years!!!! No one ever said not to use for long term.  To be fair, the dermatologist , Dr. Ass, only saw Kline 1 time when he was 5months old, but funny enough the Dr.Ass kept refilling his prescriptions for over 2 years without ever seeing him again.   Many times, we were not even informed that we were giving him steroids.  I trusted dr. Ass and dr wad, they were the experts, they went to years of medical school and had been doctor's for decades.  Why would I ever question what they said to do?

So, please learn form my terrible mistakes!!  Ask what the doctor's are prescribing you and your children  and read up on the medications!!  Do not trust that your doctor's knows everything or are telling you everything.  I do believe that doctor's really do want to help, but I also believe, they believe they are right. Some do not like You to question them and if that is the case, maybe they are not the best doctor for you.  the best doctor is and open doctor who is willing to learn and admit they do not know everything.  I imagine this is a good rule of thumb for life in general! 

So, I ask you what's in your medicine closet, you may just want to check!!!



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