Stop topical steroid abuse!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one and everyone thinks everybody else's stinks!"

my all time favorite quote......every time I think it I laugh and it is soooooooo true!!!   When you are doing something considered new or radical, like say taking your son of topical steroids even though his doctor's have told you to up them, you get judgements. Everyone is allowed their own opinions, that is what is so great about this world.   So, if you don't believe my son has red skin, fine don't believe it, but don't try to convince me otherwise!! I know in my heart, as does every member of our family who has watched Kline's hell day in and day out, that he is suffering from red skin and that the topical steroids have recked havoc on his little body.   If you think it is wrong that I am not giving my son steroids....  If you believe that we are choosing this hell for him, then again fine, believe I am hurting him, or neglecting him. Believe what ever you would like.   But if in time, he has healed, promise me, you will think about red skin in a little bit of a  different light. That it may be an actual syndrome.  That maybe, just maybe the medicine we have been giving our babies to try and help them may in fact be hurting them.   Then come to me and I will help you get through this hell with your little one and I will have no judgments of you!  I will not say I told you so, I will say , what can I do to help!  Xoxoxox one protective mama bear!  Loren


  1. Aww Loren, what a great mama and person you are! :) That's the right attitude! You're doing the RIGHT thing, unfortunately, many people are just brainwashed by the western medical system. Xoxo Rochelle

  2. Absolutely agree. that was ridiculous. you should have seen the post i'd written before they deleted that thread. You want to give your kid steroids? great. go nuts. but don't try to justify the risks of steroid use on your own kid by attacking an opposing view.

  3. This is so true! People are quick to judge. I try not to judge, but I would certainly say "I told you so".
    Keep up the good work, your son will get better, he has to!

  4. The world IS FLAT! Christophe Columbus was one of a few that believed differently. Guess what? Chris was right! You can't do open heart surgery on anyone, especially babies. Dr Blakely thought he could, guess what? He found a way to cure Blue Babies syndrome, open heart surgery. That was somewhere in the 1930's. Johns Hopkins has made millions on OHS since then. Man can't' fly, the Wright Bros thought they could, guess what, NY to London 2+ hours by flight. Point is, until someone pushes the envelope, like NASA Astronauts, minds won't change. Man on the Moon, you're freakin' nuts! All these thing and thousands more have one thing in common, non believers, naysayers -- are they stupid, no not really, just afraid and ignorant of the facts. Lets hope and pray these people look into Red Skin and Topical Steroid Withdrawal and help their child sooner rather than later. Love 'em everyday! We do! GrandMa and GrandPa

  5. Loren, we are so grateful for you. If its not your persistent, I would not have heard of red skin and can't further confirm no strong feelings against steroids. We did us it for about 3 months all over my child's body and we are also dealing with the flare ups or withdrawal.

    1. Oh grace thank you, I a, so glad you found out!!! Are you on the support group on facebook and google, everyone their is awesome! How long has your little one been off the roids? Kline will be 12 weeks tomorrow!! R we friends on facebook yet? Loren Beth McCormac look me up and i can add you to the support group page too! Best of luck with your withdrawal!! Xoxoxoxoxoxox