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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy mother's day to all the warrior mama's out there!

If You are a mom, you know you will do anything for your baby, no matter what age!  You never stop worrying about them whether they are infants or adults.  You will never love someone as much as You love your children.  And as soon as you lay eyes on them your heart is open and so vulnerable.  You are changed for good.

When your baby is sick, you are broken. When you can not help them, you weep.  You wish for nothing but taking their pain away.  You fight for them.  You stand up for them.  And you never stop searching for a way to help them. And you pray harder than you have ever prayed in your life.

So, to all of the warrior mama's out there, happy mother's day!  You deserve a metal and you deserve a healthy baby, may that day come for you real soon!!!!  Keep fighting warrior mama's, we can do this and we can change the world!

Love to you all,

One warrior mama to another, Loren xxoooxxoxooooo

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