Stop topical steroid abuse!

Friday, June 15, 2012

We are making plans!!

here is kline's eczema pre-steroids!  what was i thinking , you can just see a tiny bit under his chin, elbow knees...seems like nothing now, but then it seemed terrible!  If we only knew!!!!!

Kline and I were chatting while he was in the 11th hour of his bath, and I asked him what he wanted to do when he got better.

He said,

" I want to go to the roar park!". Which means the local truckee park that has dinosaurs to climb on, hence the roar! We went there all the time with our friends and miss it so much!

And I said,
"ok, what else do you want to do when you get better?"

He said,

"I want to go to a restaurant and You bring my food!"

Let me explain, Kline has had severe antiphalactic food allergies since birth( to dairy, eggs and all nuts), so when ever we go any where I pack  his safe food. Just going to a restaurant and eating their ketchup is a treat for Kline.  So sweet and sad!  Most kids get to go eat where ever they one worries about whether they have their epi pen or if he may pick up a peanut at the park.  What a life it would be to have no worried about healthy food that could kill my baby.

So, I guess when he feels better, we will be at a restaurant but unfortunately I will still have to cook! ;-) a mother's work is never done!

kline update, we welcome week 16 off steroids!
he is still flaring but seems to have some good moments!  the elderberry syrup doesn't seem to working as well, not sure if we have to up the dose??? his soars that he has had for months and months are looking better as of now, could change at any time though. I am not getting my hopes up about anything!  I hope the next month will bring a lot more healing and rest!!! and hopefully a little fun too!  ps. I can not get this kid to eat anything healthy, so frustrating!!!

Heal all of our red skin family! xoxox Loren


  1. What great pictures. And thanks for picture of Kline with cousins Rory and Quinn. It's nice to see them all together. Now we have to get Kline well enough to get them all in a pool at once.

    We are praying that Kline outgrows his food allergies also. He should be able to go to the local ice cream stand with GMa and GPa in the GTO with the top down. I can just imagine how "'Cited" he would be to ride in the convertible. We are so glad to hear that Kline's skin is getting a little better, Month 5 will hopefully bring more healing, rest and FUN!! Love you! Love 'em everyday! GMa & GPa.

  2. Yes, my son was allergic to dairy for several years, too. My dad, his grandpa, felt the same way... it was so hard and sad for him that he couldn't take his grandson for a scoop of ice cream. Well, the day eventually came, and now he does. Grandpa will buy him all the ice cream he wants now... granted, he couldn't do it when Z was 1, 2, 3,.... it took until he was about 5 1/2 years old until he was able to, however, in the almost 8 years since then, I think grandpa has bought more than enough ice cream to make up for those ice cream-less years!! It will come, GPa and Kline, it will come!!!

  3. Good to hear that you have a good periode now :)

    I would like to stress that it is important also to not create a fear of steroids. We have strict rules in Norway for use of steroid and if they are used correctly they are very usefull and a must for many exzema patients.

    It seems unfortunatley that you do not have these regulations in your country though.

    Summer in Norway at the moment and vacation in araound the corner. After a long winter we hope that sun and salty seawater will heal our kids skin during the summertime.

    Alle the best xx

  4. I too live in Norway, søskenmamma. Steroids cause as much harm in Norway as in any other country. There is no such thing as "correct use" as there is no such things as rashes caused by "lack of steroids". Treating the symptom and ignoring the cause will never work, but only cause further ailments. Although sun and salty seawater do wonders for the symptoms the cause is in the gut and as soon as you treat the cause the symptoms will be affected.
    Good luck to all of you.

  5. Unfortunately the steroids don't cure the eczema....and I am extremely afraid of them now!!! If u sat with kline one day you would be too, Soskenmamma.......
    I believe they are important for breathing issue, where the person would die with out them, but they Are not impareitive for skin rashes and eczema. Nothing a doctor gives should do this to a person! This is the worst thing our family has even gone through, besides death! Doctors 1st rule is do no harm!!!!!!!! They didn't do that in Kline case! Hope your little ones are well! Enjoy your summer!