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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sunburn, are you kidding me.???

Yep you heard that right, Kline got sunburn, really bad sunburn!!! Crap oh la!!!  We got a soft tub for outside so we could be outside instead of the bathroom all the time.  I had 2 umbrellas up and a plastic pool covering half of it and the poor kid got sunburned!  What the hell????  I got home from work and the poor little guy was shaking it hurt so bad.  I started to ball....and I kept apologizing.  It was awful!! 

He wanted me to hold him but it hurt too was so sad!  So, now add bad sunburn on top of red skin.....not a freaking good combo.  I gave him ib profen and that seemed to let him sleep.  My husband spent most of his night building a cover for the thing. And once that is done I will be sure he wears his SPF swim clothes in the tub. 

What a freaking mess!  Try to do something fun and it back fires every time!  Like 2 weeks ago, we tried to take him to the school park in the evening...he flared and screamed in the car the whole 10th of a mile there. And then got right into the sand box...ugh!  I was freaking out!  Eventually Got sand all in his hair and clothes so we had to go home, flaring all the way!  Never in a million years would I think life would be this stressful!

Kline's update, 16.5 weeks.....
Kline had a good day on my birthday, really only flared a few minutes the whole day!  It was the perfect birthday gift!  But of course the itchy bastard didn't stay away long!  He returned at 5 am in the morning...ugh!  Yep, I got 3 hours of sleep.  He started oozing again and won't get out of the tub. He is still very very itchy and getting the red hot flares when not in water.  And now, he's got the sunburn which is fantastic!

I am not doing well mentally,  I loose my shit all the time. As my mom pointed out on Sunday, father's day, I cried 14 times....sobbed is more like it,(the ugly ugly cry).  At night, it is still the worst, I sob uncontrollably when he wakes up flaring.  The constant interrupted sleep is killing me! So, I am going to go back on paxil, I was trying to stay off the anti depressants, but this is way to much for me to handle anymore.  It has been months and months of watching my son suffer and I need some relief! I hope it helps with my depression and out bursts!  My poor baby should not be telling me,

" it's ok mommy, everything will be ok!  Soon mommy everything will be ok!". Breaks my heart! 

Plus, I am sure my hubby would like a little sanity when he comes home!

Heal fast red skinners!
Xoxoxo one crazy mo' fo'


  1. What a sweet heart Kline is, he seems to find the joy in everything, just like a little boy should. We sure wish the RSS and TSAW ends soon so you can go back to being a happy family. Don't worry about the meds, if you need them, take them. This is too much for anyone to handle by themselves. Wish we were closer to help. Love you! Love 'em everyday! Mar and Dad, aka GMa and GPa

  2. You're a good mama, Loren!!!