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Thursday, June 7, 2012

When life gives you lemons, screw the lemonade and grab the vodka!

~kline blowing his nose!~  not very environmentally friendly using all that toilet paper, kline!

Any parent will tell you, it stinks when Your kid is sick....when Your kid has red skin, your kid is sick, really sick 24/7.... No one gets any relief.

I have no idea how single mom's and parents with other kids do this!  It amazing! Here I am a mom, with one kid, a very helpful husband, family and friends that help out and I still feel like I am drowning! 

This is when the vodka would enter the scene, if I didn't have to work full time at night and have to be with Kline full time when I am not working! Which I guess is good because we don't need more than one addiction to fight, right now! Lol

So, my hat goes off to all those single mom's out there!  And all the parents that have more than one kid to take care of...I really hope you all have the support that I have, You should! And if you don't I am sorry. 

People just don't get what this is really like, they think ,........oh, your kid is itchy!

Ah, NO! My kid is insanely itchy , rip you skin off itchy, scream all night itchy, want to kill someone itchy and lets top that of with tons off pain too!

No one should have to get through this Period, but going through this alone with no support is criminal!

So, if you know someone who is going through something really crappy, reach out and see what You can do, it could make someones day! I hope to reach out to many more people once Kline is healed!

~~~Week 14 and 1/2 Kline update.  He slept last night for 8 hours straight!! Sorry to brag! ;-) he is starting to ooze again a little.  Which of course stinks!  The itch is crazy when he is out of the tub.  So, he is still bathing for up to 12 hours a day! Crazy, I have never spent soooo much time on the toilet!  Even when I did have food Poisoning! 

Kline played in the rain the other day. So cute!

Also, because his skin is healing he is able to walk again!

The other morning he said,

" mommy, I can walk again! I better! No itchy bugs anymore!" and then 2 seconds later....

" Mommy, I itchy!"

Baby steps people, and thankfully he can take them now!

Have a cocktail for me! Cheers! Xoxoxo Loren


  1. I love his phrase "itchy bugs". It sums it up perfectly. x

  2. I absolutely love that he was able to get up and walk! And thanks for the props as a single mom of three. but I still think you deserve way more props than i! You are an absolutely awesome momma, and I pray for you guys whenever I see your posts. I know (firsthand, I have a special needs daughter) that you are going through this just as much as Kline is.

  3. Thank you gals so much! The road is hard but we will get there! Xoxoxo

  4. So glad to hear about this baby step, and the sleep! Woo hoo!!