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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Don't cry over moldy nuts!

Well, I bought something like 25$ worth of raw nuts the other day....and I had been told that you had to soak raw nuts or they will give you tooth decay or something, so I soak these expensive ass nuts, had to work over an hour to pay for them. And what should happen, the little nutty fuckers, we ruined! Moldy sluge all over them!!! So, I didn't get yummy salty nuts (every girls dream!) I Got nasty moldy nuts, now who really wants to put a moldy slugie nut in their mouth? well, one may think, 'oh well, no big deal, don't cry over moldy nuts, right?,

Ah no, try again. here is how unstable I am, I was historical.....crying and wining over my moldy nuts. My husband must have thought I was insane, yet again!

Having a very sick kid will make you insane, as I have proven in all of my other posts. And being on gaps has not helped with my insanity. I am so depressed and so over worked I can not continue on gaps ...not now anyway. It is something we can always come back to, but right now, I need to take care of my son first and then myself. cooking all day while my son really just wants me to sit on the sofa with him, is robbing both of us. So, I am saying ado to Gaps.....Kline will do a organic, free range, grass fed, and gluten, dairy, egg, nut and sugar free diet and what ever dr. Rapport tells us to do as well. I know I am a quitter and I hope this is the right decision, I have questioned everything I have done and haven't gotten one thing right so far. So, I hope this will help us be happier and less stressed. I'll let you know how that goes....good bye gaps! And may gaps help all of you that are trying it and much faster than it helped Kline and I! Good bye my dear gapsters!! I really don't know how you guys do it? May you all heal fast!

Ah, crap now this means I have to figure out how to change the name of my blog......hmmmmmmmm

The crazy quitter!



  1. Don't beat yourself up! You are doing what you think will help your baby. We only hope and pray that the TPW is the real answer and that you will have relief soon. WE love you! Mar and Dad

  2. I realize this gaps is very time consuming, and I am not ready to do the full gaps. We do a kind of modified diet. We eat eggs for breakfast, I buy a variety of grassfed beef. Some of which is at the co op and some I buy get from my local csa for cheaper. I usually buy chicken from the store as I can't afford the roaming kind. I buy the middle of ground eggs, so I dont have to pay 5 dollars a dozen. We eat lots of (hopefully organic) fruits, berries, vegetables and healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil. I find it is easier and I know the kids are eating healthier than ever. We don't eat beans or grains of any kind. And, we are weaning ourselves off dairy and will be dairy free in 2 weeks. We will kind of being doing a PALEO diet. I feel good about this decision. Oh, I forgot nuts and seeds. This will be an important part of our diet. We stay away from ALL processed foods. I do still make the occasional broth when I have time or the stuff to do it. I always put it in the freezer if I don't have time. And, I have bought some kosher gelatin to help with the stews or make home mad jello.

    You should soak nuts. Especially if you will be eating them regularly. Where you went wrong with soaking them, is that you then have to dehydrate them or roast them until they are dry. I have been doing this for 5 months now and they are quite tasty

    1. Yesterday, I threw a chicken in a pot with filtered water, a garlic bulb and salt, cooked it for a few hours, strained the meat from the broth (I took the fat out...I just can't do it yet). Added 2 pds carrots and a whole bunch celery, and an onion. I picked the loose chicken off the bones and threw it all together. It was very good and easy and the kids loved it. I found a new easy meal!!! yeaa

      2 things I can't live without....

  3. Another idea for those of us who have money to burn ; )

    I bought the book and pad for my bed. The book is very interesting and has good points. It will definitely open your eyes.

    There are mixed reviews on the pad. I don't know what I think about it yet. I had it unplugged from outside all winter because we would have had to keep the window open a little

    If I were in your situation, I would definitely put one on his bed. It wouldn't hurt and it may help. A lot of people are claiming better sleep and improved health conditions. Also, going barefoot in the grass...

    1. Howdie, thank you so muff for all of your help!!! I hope you are doing great!! Xooxx

  4. Totally understand - GAPS is hard. We are thinking about doing it, but our son is already on such a restricted diet, that I cannot fathom adding all grains to that list and whatever else GAPS would entail. I know our son is still reacting to something and after the spring allergies end I hope we can nail it down.

    Have you seen my "Stuff Eczema Mamas Say" video? I'm sure you can relate.


  5. Oh my! I am a Gapster and I have periodically followed your story (your hell!) and I just saw that Kline has been going through withdrawal from his steriods. You poor momma! I have had it really rough too and at times want to throw in the towel with Gaps but I keep sticking with it because my baby wouldn't poop for a month and it has made it so he poops every day now. All I can think is you poor thing! You are such a survivor and fighter and I am so glad that things are finally looking up for your baby boy and you! I will pray that peace and rest come to you soon! I am so sorry you have had to deal with all of this!!! You are strong and beautiful!! And it makes me want to cry when I hear what you've been through/are going through!