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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I beat up the vacuum!

So, if You have caught on yet, the stress of having a child with topical steroid withdrawal is all consuming.  No one ever sleeps.  There is a massive amount of screaming , crying , itching and pain, both physical and emotional. 
There is no time for doing simple things,  like grocery shopping , cooking, cleaning and even taking a crap.  There you are sitting on the pot when here comes your itchy one .....  He needs help, but hey, you've gotta poo, so what do You do?

You hold him on your lap, itch and hug him while you are taking a dump. Totally normal, right?

Well, sometimes things need to get done around your house, so child protective services doesn't come because your house looks like something off the tv show hoarders!  The others day, I was trying for hours to finish vacuuming the house....finally after doing tiny sections all day long, I just had to finish.  Kline was having an itching fit and he chased me around the house screaming " itch me mom please!!!!!!".  I lost it, I don't think anyone has ever been so abusive to a home cleaning machine.  Take that hoover!!!!  Poor thing, what has it ever done to me but sucked! Lol. One of my favorite movies is punch drunk love with Adam sanders, and in that movie he gets upset and beats up the bathroom.  And now I can say, " I beat up my vacuum!".

And when I was done, I held Kline and cried.

And he said, " you done mommy?" he was talking about the vacuuming, not the vacuum abuse! :0)

I hope so Kline, I hope so!! But, until my baby is done with this hell of what we call topical steroid withdrawal , my  appliances better watch out!!!

Ps. Kline had a very bad day seemed like the itching fits never stopped, normally he gets a few hours between them, not today.  My poor poor baby!

Hey, if anyone out there knows how to get in touch with oprah, could you give me the info.....we need her to help get the word out about red skin!!!
And since she is the most powerful woman in the world and everyone listens to her, it may help others out there who are searching like we were!!!!! That's Not too big of an order is it? ;-)

I hope to god that all of you red skinners out there sleep tonight! Xoxoxoxooxox
One crazy mama!


  1. your first paragraph says it so well, loren. all consuming for sure . . . and you know, i probably attempted to explain that to friends & family members, but it's simply not possible for anybody to truly understand unless they've walked in those shoes -- 24/7. day in. day out. long term.

    (and for the record, i think it's fantastic that you directed your anger at your vacuum cleaner. there were so many times that i grew so weary & regretfully directed my frustration (via impatience) twd our little guy. the one who was suffering. the one desperately needing only compassion. so i say that directing your anger anywhere BUT your son will always be the right place!)

    cheering you on in your journey, loren. you are one. good. mama!


  2. Oh mamma, the vacuum cleaner totally deserved it. We've been dealing with itchies from cross contamination allergy exposure, he was up itching and crying most of the night, makes taking care of the newborn a bit difficult =P