Stop topical steroid abuse!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I guess if you cuss at "god" long and loud enough he send you an angel!

About 6 weeks off steroids, I think????

Kline's angel came all the way from England! Her name is Kelly and she has a son who is going through topical steroid cream withdrawal.  I posted on the eczema support Facebook page begging for help and who should appear but our British angel Kelly! she said  "Have you heard of red skin disease" (can't you just hear her adorable accent?).  Well no, I had not since none of Kline's doctor either believe in it or support it.You may be asking " Loren, what did they support?" Well, I will tell you, more steroids, higher doses and more applications a day! Even though they were no longer doing anything for his "eczema"....his body couldn't get enough of it!!!! 

His body need the crack cocaine, which just happened to be in the form of topical steroids!

I Googled RED SKIN SYNDROME, right away and in a second I knew this was our answer, UK angle Kelly had saved our lives!  All of those fantastic steroids (sarcasm) I had been lathering all over my son since about 4 months old where turning against him!  Killing the largest organ on his body ,his skin.   The organ that is supposed to protects him from all of the crazy ass allergens and chemicals that are everywhere in our environment, yuck! 

I called my mom right away, woke her up to get online, in a few seconds she too knew this was it! Then my dad, yep, no question about it, red skin syndrome all the way. I got Dr. Rapaport's number in Beverly hills and called first thing in the am...he said he would come in special for us on Friday,(his day off) just 1 and 1/2 weeks after I had learned of this terrible , unnecessary curse, we would be talking to THE MAN!!!! The one dermatologist that doesn't just keep pumping your baby with roids!

As we wait to fly and see the dr., I have met other amazing angels...mothers that have been through this hell with their babies and are proof that they will get better once the withdrawal is over. And a mother so close, 30 miles to be exact, that has a son who went off steroids close to the same time as kline.....who is suffering terribly.....someone who knows what it is like to see their baby rip apart their skin and  not be able to enjoy life like a normal kid does, or should I  say, a none steroid addicted kid does!!!!  These women are my new tribe...we are the warrior mama's and watch out topical steroid cream, we are here to kick your ass!!!!!!  Hopefully, we will convince Doctor's around the world, that this crap should not be used!!!!!!!!

If you are using steroids or know someone who is please stop!!!!


Thank you UK Kelly, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, YOU SAVED OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!


Watch out Steroid abusing Doctor's and pharmaceutical companies, I am coming for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Itchy Kline's mommy!


Withdrawal fast all of our red skin friends! xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxx