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Monday, April 2, 2012

People are starting to stare!

I guess we don't leave the house to often because I never realized how bad Kline looks to others, I guess I am just so used to it. Well honestly, most of the time I am so far up my own ass when we go out, that I don't notice others. Well, we went out today and many people noticed his skin and itching. They all wanted to help with ideas to help him and a few of them even reared up just looking at him.

I know it's bad and I can see all of his pain and rashes, but I guess it just becomes our norm so we don't really notice how he looks. I see my son in pain but I don't see the scares, scabs and redness all the time. I just see my sweet little beautiful boy.

I could not imagine how it must feel to be him, itching and uncomfortable in his own skin. I'm not sure I would be able to live through it. The people starring , the lack of sleep and the poor quality of life. Oh, yeah, did I mention the no sugar, grains and processed food diet I make him do too! No fun at all!

Kline is so brave and strong, he amazes me! I love you itchy bug! Xxoo mama.