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Monday, April 2, 2012

People are starting to stare!

I guess we don't leave the house to often because I never realized how bad Kline looks to others, I guess I am just so used to it. Well honestly, most of the time I am so far up my own ass when we go out, that I don't notice others. Well, we went out today and many people noticed his skin and itching. They all wanted to help with ideas to help him and a few of them even reared up just looking at him.

I know it's bad and I can see all of his pain and rashes, but I guess it just becomes our norm so we don't really notice how he looks. I see my son in pain but I don't see the scares, scabs and redness all the time. I just see my sweet little beautiful boy.

I could not imagine how it must feel to be him, itching and uncomfortable in his own skin. I'm not sure I would be able to live through it. The people starring , the lack of sleep and the poor quality of life. Oh, yeah, did I mention the no sugar, grains and processed food diet I make him do too! No fun at all!

Kline is so brave and strong, he amazes me! I love you itchy bug! Xxoo mama.


  1. You are also brave and strong Mumma. xo

  2. My heart breaks for you Mama! And for your beautiful baby. You are in our prayers.

    (We have multiple food sensitivities and other allergies and recently started full gaps, planning to do intro this fall)

  3. Thank you guys! I hope gaps goes easier for you and your family!!! It is very hard! Xoxoxox

  4. Eczema is hideous, my son is now 8 and suffered all his life, we have discovered that his issues were from his treatment rather than diet so hope you get some good results soon, my blog is
    I have tried to keep it lighthearted as the dark times with this can be all consuming.

  5. I took my son to a new Dermatologist in February. She practices at Florida Center for Pediatric Dermatology in Orlando Fl. On my sons first visit the doctor admitted him into the local hospital for heavy antibiotics and steroids treatment. My son’s legs, feet elbows, back and parts of his face covered. In some of those areas there were bacteria starting to grow from him starching so very much. While he was in the hospital the doctor taught us a new treatment that helps my son out. IT IS NOT A CURE but a way for him to live as normal as he can. The treatment is this; every night since the second day in the hospital he takes a 15 min bath or a 10 min shower. Once he is out of the shower we pat damp, (you want the water droplets off, not the skin dry). If he has any flare up we had a topical steroid to that area. We then add Vanicream, (which you can get from its website). On the Vanicream we add Vaseline. While we are putting all the creams on him we have a set of long COTTON pj's, a size down from what he wears, and a pair of socks in a bowl with warm water. Once covered with the creams you start putting on the items from the bowl, (ring them out first), and then put on a dry set of Pj's and socks. Along with doing this we have also changed other things in our life. We only use free and clear laundry detergent and fabric softener from Publix, everyone in the hours has change to the free and clear shampoo, not more perfumes or candles or anything that may have perfume in it. This has works for my son.

  6. When my boy was about 2 years old I remember waiting in the checkout line at Lumberjack. My little boy, boy who looked like many of the pictures you have posted of Kline, had his usual red, blood crusted eyelids and red puffy shadows below his eyes, the lady ahead of us, looked him over and said, "What's wrong with him?" I was so pissed I almost couldn't see straight. I am one who will usually never respond or say things, but when I used all the self restraint I could possibly muster to not punch her in the face, I scathing said, "Nothing, bitch. You must mean what's wrong with you??" I was shaking I was so mad! That was almost 11 years ago and I still think of that. It was not like we weren't aware that he looked like crap, however if she even had an inkling of what all we had to do daily to get him to even look like that, she would have never even questioned something like that. Hang in there!

  7. Jill, I can see we are going to be great friends!!! Lmao!!! I want to be " oh, it just leaporsy , and totally fucking contagious bitch!!!"

    1. Ps, I sent rapport my blog and warned him I cuss a lot!!!! Lol