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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Alert the presses! Kline slept 9 hour in a row

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yahooooooooooo!!

I slept a whole 6hours in a row, can't remember when that happened before....month and months ago! So, are these signs of a better future???? Hope so!

Day 23 we added in green apples to our juicing , our poopin' juice!! It does seem to help me, carrots and now green apples.....I can't get Kline to drink the carrot juice but he loved the apple juice.

I feel like all day long I am forcing Him to drink something or eat something he fights me on. Such a bummer!!

I overhear filled the bath tub today and soaked the floor. It is very hard to do a million things at once, which seems like my life since gaps and starting a full time plus job...I hope things settle down for us and we get used to all of the changes!

Come on kline, sleep well baby!
Oxoxxo Loren

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  1. A little sleep goes a long way, more sleep is even better. Glad Kline finally got some good sleep time. Is that two days in a row that he has slept? Rest when you can. Love you! Mar and Dad