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Sunday, April 15, 2012

I quit, ah, shoot,no I'll stick with it, no quitting for sure this time, ah, crap, let's give it another go!

It has been a very confussing weekend. I was advised by Klines holistic doctors That gaps should be helping more by now and that maybe we should go off of sat, I was hell bent on going off of gaps. I went to work at plumpjack's for a great wedding with tons of food, and man oh man did I cheat!! You name it, I ate it....cheese off the top of a pizza,icing off of the cake, raw veggies, wine and hot coco with whip cream. My bad gas was the worst of it and that really only bother the people I was around. Then Sunday I felt like I had a hang over and just a little yucky, not nearly as bad as I was expecting it to. I thought for sure I would be running to the bath room to either shit my brains out or puke, but no, just a little stanky toots and a mild headache. Guess that didn't teach me a lesson about cheating.

So, then Sunday, I talked to my gaps practitioner and emailed the doctors again, and decided to move to full gaps and add in a rice protein powder thing that is supposed to help heal klines gut. So, we will be cheating some, Kline only with the rice protein and I imagine I will cheat more than I should. We r still probably eating too much honey, but come on people......we have to enjoy life a little!!!!!!!!!

The thing about intro, besides almost killing us, is that there are so many rules. It is so over consuming and there is no time to do anything but cook, eat and clean up your kitchen. Kline and I aren't having fun anymore.....we can barely get ourselves out of the house. So, I am going to try and mellow out about the diet and enjoy Kline more.

Kline ate a raw carrot today and you would have thought it was the best thing in the world!

We also started his new pj's from England and I swear they help him sleep so much, it is crazy!!!!!!!!!! If your kid is having trouble sleeping, because of itchyness, please try this pj' sounds insane but they seem to really work!! They are spendy but worth it for the extra hours of sleep!

My depression has gotten so bad on gaps intro that I am looking into a therapist and possibly meds, I am one crazy mo I am assuming you have already read! ;-/ kline deserves a happy mommy and I hope that is what I can give him soon, the natural depression remedies aren't cutting it. I have had depression for a while now, not sure how it came on or why? Things used to just wash over me and not bother me, now, I freak out at the drop of a hat, I cry over spilled milk, and pretty much can't handle anything. I am amazed at how bad my depression has gotten on gaps, I never thought it would be like this.

Kline is still very very itchy, red ,and oozing. His bed is full of dead skin every morning and so is our couch. He hasn't wanted to play outside, read books, play choo choo's or anything. His quality of life is so low and it is so hard to watch. You want the world for your baby, but not a world where they can't stand their own skin. He handles himself so much better than I do and I am so proud to be his mama, I just hope and pray with all of my soul that one day he will be able to enjoy his life again, fully!

Bare with me, I may quit gaps again next week! ;-) or I may just stay in it long enough to get us better! Fingers crossed.

Xoxoxo loren


  1. I have read that before something gets better, it has to get worse as the toxins are being released and it comes out through skin, urine etc... Maybe this is what is happening with your son and you. The depression is withdrawal from all the foods you love...the carbs. I have slowly stated eating better since Sept and I feel better than ever. Maybe kline is experiencing this with his skin as well...maybe from his body detoxing the steroids. I know it is difficult, especially when yo expect it to get better. Look into this...

    Die-Off Symptoms & Herxheimer

  2. Hi -

    I'm so sorry to hear you're going through all of this. Eczema is so confusing - what are the triggers, how to help the little ones get a good night sleep, how to help with the horrible itching. Ugh. We had way to many sleepless nights to count. Protective clothing helped us a lot too - so I started a company selling these products int he US and Canada. The Eczema Company - we have mittens attached to clothing, footed pants, and lots of natural creams and healing jewelry.


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