Stop topical steroid abuse!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Playing with bubbles outside should not be stressful, right?

I believe kline is 7 or 8 weeks of the topical steroids!!!

For kline's birthday he got some cool colored bubbles from grandma and grandpa. So yesterday we ventured out in to the back yard to "play" with them.  Right away Kline poured them all over his skin and I freaked out. I didn't know what they heck they would do to his mess of what other people call their skin! 

 So, after I screamed at him for getting that stuff on him and freaked out that he was going to go into a itching uncontrollable fit because of it, we went to play on his play set. I pushed him on the swing for a little bit and then the hot sun was bothering him so he wanted to sit in the shade.  We sat down and all of a sudden the boy was covered in ants, he sat in an ant hill, really, come on!!!!!!  So, yet again another freak know how you get itchy when you see a bug or a bug crawls on you, well, imagine you are already extremely itchy and then on top of that you are cover in ants crawling all over you! 

So after another freak out and strip down from both of us, well, ok, I didn't strip down but it makes for a better story!  We decided outside was way too stressful and we went inside!

Life should not be this complicated for a kid!!!

He should be able to play outside all day, not for 20min full of freak outs!

I hope one day that my itchy baby can once again enjoy this wonderful place that we live in!!!



  1. Poor Kline. Yes he should he able to run around and play. We pray he will, soon! Hang in there Loren!

  2. It was nice to see him enjoying the park, pajamas, or not. We love you all and are praying all the day long for Kline to be cured of the topical steroid withdrawal and red skin disease. Sorry he spilled the bubbles. We can always get more, if they didn't bother Kline's skin. Love you! Ma & Pa

  3. Hey if he is outside he may get some vitamin D and I think that is super important!

    Try not to cry over spilled milk (or bubbles!)

    And that is what I would call sods law to sit on an actual ant hill when you already have the itch visiting!

    It will pass x

  4. So sorry for him! He will heal, hun!

  5. Hi Klines mom! I just discovered your blog today. My name is Louise and I live in th UK. I learned about Red Skin syndrome back in November and started blogging about it in December. I totally relate to kline because i am going through withdrawals myself. It is hard enough as an adult, but it must be super tough for a child, who does not completely understand what is happening. I have so much respect for all you parents who are challenging the awful medical practice of slapping potent steroids on kids. Your son will heal, and the good news is that kids heal quicker than the adults, so he should be well soon. My daughetr has eczema and i am so glad that i know about the dangers of steroid now so that i can treat her with safe creams. You are awesome, lots of love from over the pond!

    PS I have also put a link to your blog on my blog at

    I am trying to put all the links to the steroid withdrawal blogs in one place, so if you know of any more, please tell me. xxxxxxx