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Friday, April 13, 2012

Please, can't we just be numb?!?!

If we are going to make it through gaps, couldn't we just be numb? Couldn't Kline be numb to his itchiness and sleep! Couldn't I be numb to this depression crap? I so wish I was numb emotionally, instead of feeling and reacting to everything like this. It isn't fair to any of us.....I am a crappy mom because of it and then I feel even more guilt for being such a crappy mom!

Poor Kline. couldn't his nervous system be numb, I can't stand hearing him scream uncontrollably at night from his itching fits. This isn't fair god! Make us numb or make us better! Something's gotta give!!!!

We are on day 35.... I think, of gaps intro stage 3-4 ish, started our probiotics today, so that should make for some fun die off tomorrow!

Kline has been pooping better but I haven't taken a dump in 3days....enema time, woot woot!!!

We also were going to do this gaps intro with 3 other families in Truckee, but it looks like they all may be bailing on it, intro at least. Guess I'm the only crazy mother fucker that will do this shit.( sorry my cussing came back!) ;-)

Well, better mosey up to my douce bag! Ta ta for now!

Xoxoxox Loren


  1. How about trying acupuncture? It can "numb" you up a bit...

  2. Re the skin prick tests - they are useless - if you can get a blood test or IGGA Ii believe it is called that is better. Better yet find a WAPF nutiritional counselor to do testing without needing to take blood. Are you breastfeeding? If so you must be on GAPS as well...