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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter, you are killing me!!!!

could there BE any more candy at the stores during Easter? it f'in sucks!! I want to go in there and eat every single last piece of that delicious processed sugar ridden chocolate god forsaking goodness!!! Is there anything that tastes good on this diet? I am so sick of meats, soups and veggies! This is the hardest diet I have ever done in my life...and WTF is up with not being able to cheat ever! I am a Little mad at Campbell-mcbride right now, can you tell, I want chocolate and coffee and processed has been 28 days and this still frickin' sucks!!!!

It's probably bad right now because I figured out we were eating way too much honey, oops, so I took it out and now my craving are sooooooooo bad!!

Easter come and go already and get all that crap out of the stores, will ya? I will not take Kline into a store right now, it would be pure torture!

Happy Easter people! Enjoy your freakin' chocolate bunnies!!

Xoxoxxo Loren