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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter, you are killing me!!!!

could there BE any more candy at the stores during Easter? it f'in sucks!! I want to go in there and eat every single last piece of that delicious processed sugar ridden chocolate god forsaking goodness!!! Is there anything that tastes good on this diet? I am so sick of meats, soups and veggies! This is the hardest diet I have ever done in my life...and WTF is up with not being able to cheat ever! I am a Little mad at Campbell-mcbride right now, can you tell, I want chocolate and coffee and processed has been 28 days and this still frickin' sucks!!!!

It's probably bad right now because I figured out we were eating way too much honey, oops, so I took it out and now my craving are sooooooooo bad!!

Easter come and go already and get all that crap out of the stores, will ya? I will not take Kline into a store right now, it would be pure torture!

Happy Easter people! Enjoy your freakin' chocolate bunnies!!

Xoxoxxo Loren


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  2. Ma said that when Kline gets to read his /your blog, he is going to say, "Potty Mouth!" Hope Kline is getting better and that you all are getting some sleep. Talk to you soon. Love you! Ma & Pa Did you see the pictures of our 10 little duck eggs, sooooo cute.

  3. Been reading your posts and would like to offer my support - one thing to do is to get the GAPS book if you don't already have it - it is amazing and very insightful - for example it really hit home when we found out that once the bad flora in the gut starts dying, so does the bad flora in the mouth. This means that when our kids eat food with leaky gut and bad bugs in their guts that food really DOES taste bad. Keep at it and one day you will notice he likes things he never liked before. Another thjng is that your child is very young and it is tougher when they can't understand why yku are doing what you are doing. Our 5 yo refuses sugar, candy etc and knows we now don't eat any PUFAs (veggie oils - none of it) since we found out it causes huge inflammatory issues - making and/or causing muscle and joint pain, ezcema, general immune issues such as the pnumonia you guys were suffering with. I recommend you get him on Green Pasture's peppermint emulsified cod liver oil, be sure to get some raw yogurt or kefir or kombucha if you

  4. Sorry, it cut me off! ...can get him to try it yet. Please hang in there! Other things that have helped me - if there is a local WAPF group join it - this will be a huge support to you! Good luck!!

  5. One thing that has got me through all this is one day at a time. There were days I wanted to quit or eat crap.

    I am posting everything in reverse date here, but I hope you dont think I am a crazy person. I am a normal mom with some ideas that are not so mainstream trying to help brainstorm ideas for you son (and my own).

    Do you use soap on him? I don't use soap on my 1 year old yet. I was using shampoo, but stopped that as well. I have found that her hair gets just as clean with some warm water and a scrub. My older kids use A very mild soap with 4 non toxic ingredients and since I am not in there with them all the time I expect they dont use it much. We are experimenting with NOT using shampoo on the kids and their hair looks fine and healthier. My 4 year old (the one with keratosis pilaris) ...soon to be 5 has had cradle cap since he was born. Not using shampoo seems to be helping. His hair and scalp look healthier. Before it used to look like straw even though we used conditioner. Google... NO POO

    I mean...why use soap on a 4 year old who has keratosis pilaris and slightly itchy skin? It's not like he is working at the dump. Sometimes he will scratch his shoulders till they bleed. The coconut oil help a lot.

    Have you ever heard of cleaning with oil? Check the following link out. I imagine it could work with a body as well. Maybe kline should not takes baths. It is really soemthing to think about. Maybe spot wash and do the oil cleansing method.

    Also, check out A very huge and respected website for alternative healing for EVERYTHING

    This is a great place as they rate soaps, shampoos , etc... for their safety