Stop topical steroid abuse!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Right now , I want to bitch slap steroid creams and the doctor's that prescribed it!! WTF?

So, we are pretty freakin sure Kline is having steroid cream with drawl, he looks like a text book case....but omg, some people look way worse than him, poor things!!!! I am so fucking pissed right now at the dermatologist, allergist and pediatricians that told us to use steroids for his eczema! People, if you think they are helping you, they are not!! Please learn from klines hell that they are not the answer!!!!!! Gaps may cure eczema but it will not cure this withdrawal. Now, we r looking into flying to Beverly hills, to see dr. Rapaport if we can get in!

I hope to god this is the answer and I hope to god he goes through it fast!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I won't be cursing god much longer, hope so!

Kline has been on steroid creams since he was 6months old , multiple times a day and somedays I put it all over. We did this too him? WTF? He has been off steroids for at least 2 months and before that very minimal.......hence his terrible skin reactions since nov!!!!!!!! There may be a little light at the end of this god forsaken tunnel we have been trapped in since nov, come on god don't let Kline down! As little Trips mom said ( he had a terrible disease called eb). God, I need a pinky swear! Please make him better!

Xoxoxo hopeful, Loren