Stop topical steroid abuse!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Right now , I want to bitch slap steroid creams and the doctor's that prescribed it!! WTF?

So, we are pretty freakin sure Kline is having steroid cream with drawl, he looks like a text book case....but omg, some people look way worse than him, poor things!!!! I am so fucking pissed right now at the dermatologist, allergist and pediatricians that told us to use steroids for his eczema! People, if you think they are helping you, they are not!! Please learn from klines hell that they are not the answer!!!!!! Gaps may cure eczema but it will not cure this withdrawal. Now, we r looking into flying to Beverly hills, to see dr. Rapaport if we can get in!

I hope to god this is the answer and I hope to god he goes through it fast!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I won't be cursing god much longer, hope so!

Kline has been on steroid creams since he was 6months old , multiple times a day and somedays I put it all over. We did this too him? WTF? He has been off steroids for at least 2 months and before that very minimal.......hence his terrible skin reactions since nov!!!!!!!! There may be a little light at the end of this god forsaken tunnel we have been trapped in since nov, come on god don't let Kline down! As little Trips mom said ( he had a terrible disease called eb). God, I need a pinky swear! Please make him better!

Xoxoxo hopeful, Loren


  1. I feel the same way about main stream medicine...outside of an accident where we need to be surgically be put back together we will stay far away!

  2. Steroids are so awful! You have to wean off of them so carefully :( Hope you find the help you need, we are praying for you.

    You are such an awesome Mama to Kline! You are doing a great job Mama, keep it up.

  3. They recommended steroid creams for our LO but when i pressed the dr. about it, she said that they should not be used for more than a few days in a one week period and that he would likely be worse when he came off -- so we decided it wasn't worth it. I'm so sorry that you didn't have someone that was more concerned with Kline's long term wellness =(

    1. No klines asshole dr got mad at me when I stopped and said I cause his break out. You are so lucky!!

  4. Freedom and Hope, you are so lucky to have such a good derm, hardly any will admit that the steroids can cause problems. They dont seem to think long term it is all about the quick fix.

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  6. I messaged you on FB before reading this. So glad to see you are going to get into Dr. Rapaport... like I said, the best money we have ever spent...and way less than you have already spent on the homeopathic/chiropractor/other doctor visits you mention in your March posts (and continual purchase of steroids). He will let you know whether he is addicted or not.... if he is, from what I read about what you have been going through with the GAPS diet, you will be more than capable of getting him through this. I am sitting here in the hospital with my redskin boy reading your blog and was watching the video of his mild itch fit.... my boy wanted to see what it was when I told him a little bit about you and Kline.... he could only watch it part way through and made me turn it off-- he said it looks like it could be one of our home videos of when he was that age. Many of your pictures look just like my boy looked when he was Kline's age. Thank God for Kline that you may have may have discovered what is truly wrong with him at such a young age!!! If he really is addicted to topical corticosteroids, he will cure, and he will cure much faster than my boy, who I lathered up extremely well with steroids.... and very strong steroids at that, all at the doctor's direction for 154 months of his 156 months of life!! I truly hope you have found the answer so hopefully you can be on the road to regaining your lives back!

  7. Poor zack, he sounds like an amazing kid!!! I can't even imagine what he is feeling like...I'm sure he can give me some insight into Kline world! wer going off the gas diet, I'm sure it will help if he gets eczema again, but I do not think it will help red skin....any thoughts?? And to be honest it is sucking me dry, trying to make everything.....and take care of Kline all day and work most of the night. We may revisit it later, but right now, I am bowing out of it. Is there a diet rapport suggests?? give zack a gentle hug from Kline and I ...Kline has such a bad day to day, we sat on the couch all day makes(well, he was naked) because he couldn't stand having clothes on. Ps. I feel like such an ass inviting you to klines bday party sat....I wasn't sure if zack was in the hopital now, or if that was earlier in the year! Xoxoxoxoxoo Loren

  8. Please make sure your little guy is SAFE. I have heard of people doing drastic (if you know what I mean) measures to rid them selves of itching when they couldn't stand it anymore. I am sorry to say that but it is the truth. Very very young children have done this. My 14 year old died this way and we were not expecting it at all. He was such a good kid. Your life can change in an instant. I was the woman saying "I thought this could never happen to me...this happens to other people."

  9. Omg howdy, I am so sorry!!!! I can see how you would not want to be around when things are so uncomfortable! Xxooo r u on facebook? If you want friend me so we can stay in touch, Loren McCormac