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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Well, I almost gave up on gaps intro, yet again...I am so depressed, so angry, short tempered and well, just all around pissed off, that I am wondering if this is worth it? When will it get better for Kline, still no and I mean no sleeping!! He is still a mess skin wise, so itchy all of the time. And to top it off he was sick all day Saturday...and ended our crappy day with a nice puking session. My poor baby!

I need encouragement people!! I need some one to swear to me that this will work, and if you could give me a timeline that would be great too!!!! I am so hungry all of the time and I don't want to eat any of the gaps foods. We r on day 31.... We r somewhere between stage 3 and 4 I think. It is confusing since we can not do eggs, dairy or nuts, we kind of skipped stage 2. I can not get Kline to drink the broth's or eat the soups....and now that I added gaps bread and pancakes, that is all he wants! Ugh! Any tips would be great!!!!! We need to do more probiotic foods, but I have such bad die off, anger wise, I am afraid to do them. We still aren't on probiotics but should be starting them soon.

I never in a trillion years would have thought that food could make you this miserable and then the icing on the cake, oh my god I want a cake, a whole chocolate cake with tons of icing!!!! Oops, sorry! And then the icing on the cake is that this is actually supposed to be healing and helping you, it feels nothing like healing and no where near helpful!

So come on friends, family, other gapsters, please make me see the light at the end of this god forsaken tunnel!!!!!! I need help and I need encouragement, or else I may just jump right off this gaps bridge into a nice warm river of chocolate fondue!


The angry grumpy frustrated and hungry mama!!! Loren