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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Well, I almost gave up on gaps intro, yet again...I am so depressed, so angry, short tempered and well, just all around pissed off, that I am wondering if this is worth it? When will it get better for Kline, still no and I mean no sleeping!! He is still a mess skin wise, so itchy all of the time. And to top it off he was sick all day Saturday...and ended our crappy day with a nice puking session. My poor baby!

I need encouragement people!! I need some one to swear to me that this will work, and if you could give me a timeline that would be great too!!!! I am so hungry all of the time and I don't want to eat any of the gaps foods. We r on day 31.... We r somewhere between stage 3 and 4 I think. It is confusing since we can not do eggs, dairy or nuts, we kind of skipped stage 2. I can not get Kline to drink the broth's or eat the soups....and now that I added gaps bread and pancakes, that is all he wants! Ugh! Any tips would be great!!!!! We need to do more probiotic foods, but I have such bad die off, anger wise, I am afraid to do them. We still aren't on probiotics but should be starting them soon.

I never in a trillion years would have thought that food could make you this miserable and then the icing on the cake, oh my god I want a cake, a whole chocolate cake with tons of icing!!!! Oops, sorry! And then the icing on the cake is that this is actually supposed to be healing and helping you, it feels nothing like healing and no where near helpful!

So come on friends, family, other gapsters, please make me see the light at the end of this god forsaken tunnel!!!!!! I need help and I need encouragement, or else I may just jump right off this gaps bridge into a nice warm river of chocolate fondue!


The angry grumpy frustrated and hungry mama!!! Loren


  1. Oh mama I understand!!!! Your words could have come directly, er, DID come directly out of my mouth just over 3 months ago. It is so.effin.hard. Intro is god forsaken and I have to tell you how refreshing it is to see someone being honest and so real about gaps. Most of what is online really tends to sugar coat how severe it is to get started on this healing journey. Remember, you are detoxing and the yeast in your body want to be fed at any cost, thus the constant insane hunger- I PROMISE it will stop! Actually, quite the opposite happens after a time. Question, are you doing any cod liver oil? Def try to get the probiotics going in some form to help battle the yeasties. My kids tear back on kombucha and fermented pickles since we can't afford to swing the price of bio kult for the whole fam

  2. Sorry, my post locked up lol. We,ve decided to start 1 kiddo at a time on bio kult. My 10 yr old has aspergers and the most severe digestive issues of the group ( next to me- adult on the spectrum) so we are getting ready to start him. I think giving clo is helpful in reassuring ones self that the child refusing ALL food during intro is at least getting nutrition in some form. I'm no expert, just on the same road as you, learning as we go along. Sending you huge hugs... Rage on sister. Rage on. Let's stick it out and see our families healed!!!!!! I love exclamation points and swearing too lol

  3. This is a hard post to comment on. I have the feeling that there is not going to be any "right" answer here.

    A tip for getting him to eat the meat and broth thingies... hmmm, I have to suggestions.

    1. How about the classic ,,one spoon of soup / broth = one bite of pancake"?

    Sorry if you've already tried that and it's not working. I haven't read all your posts.

    2. How about mixing meat, veggies and broth into bread / pancakes? It won't replace the broth, though... but perhaps it will do for now?

    And did you know that some people manage to heal without the broth? While most agree that it's not optimal, you might want to "pick your intro battles".

    There was a period during our hardest intro when my at-that-time 6 year old ate only the skin of baked chicken legs and some tiny bits of peeled red bell pepper. She survived!

    How about CLO and other supplements? Is he getting enough fat? Does he like fat?

    I hope you get some really helpful comments and I do recommand the yahoo groups to, they have been invaluable to me.



  4. Loren, maybe you could reach out the the other GAPS blogs to find some suggestions on helping you, Denny and Kline get through this. Can you contact the GAPS originator directly for advice? We feel so bad for you and this incredibly hard journey. Stay strong and love each other, that will go along way towards relief. Love you! Ma & Pa

  5. Thank you all!! I never thought it would be ts hard for me! I guess I have some major toxins and sleep deprevation doesn't help!!!! Kline is on fclo, when I can g et it in him!!! I wish he would just eat everything with out a fight, there are so many rules on this diet! Thanks again for all of the support!! Xoxxo Loren

  6. Keep fighting the good fight,

    I guess we are different since Aurie, although a very light sleeper who does wake up to scratch at various intervals, definitely gets sleep...

    I don't think GAPS pancakes are bad, just use them as incentive to eat a piece of broccoli covered in fat. :) Aurie loves broth with a squash puréed in it.

    Anyway trust your gut, nobody knows you like you do!

  7. Thanks emmablue....sure wish we lived closer to get together for some yoga!! ;) sure as he'll can't get together for coffee and a donut! Ugh! :)

  8. I My kids did not want to eat healthy and they got used to eat and love it now. I do not crave or want things like cakes anymore. That is why I think you still have some addictions to grains... I can only imagine it is the same for your son. Why have broth when you knew there was something better before. It takes time to convert to happily eating healthy foods.

    Putting gelatin in pancakes would be an idea... I think I have to try that