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Saturday, March 31, 2012

You know that the sh** has hit the fan, when a complete stranger tells you they are going to pray for you! Day 22 on GAPS

I can't believe a perfect stranger told me today that she was going to pray for Kline and I! How nice, are we really that much of a mess? Ah, yes!!!!! We were at a consignment shop with lots of breakable things, when Kline decided to run around like crazy and get over heated.what should a little boy with very itchy skin do when he gets over heated and itchy, well, apparently Kline thought it was best to strip down to his birthday suit right there in the store! Then, when I wanted him to put his clothes on ( like the very terrible mother that I am)he threw a massive tantrum!

And then, so did I!

I guess, since my son was itching like crazy and naked, you could see all of his scabs and rashes....a woman came over and started talking to me. Offered advice on her dr. To see, which funny enough, the dr. Is already kline's allergist. And then after I wrestled Kline to the car and went back inside to settle up, she came up to me and told me, she was going to pray that things get better for us. I sure hope she is better at praying than I am, maybe she can get the big guy or gal to listen! ;-)

We got to try avocado today, Kline was so happy, you would have thought I had given him a huge piece of cake! In 3days we r trying coconut yogurt, to see if the fiber will help us poo!!! Can't wait!!!!

Xoox Loren

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  1. Nice people are everywhere~! Love 'em everyday! Ma & Pa