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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

OK, maybe there Is a god!

I have had so many friends, family members and complete strangers show there support since my last atheist post! ;) I guess there is someone out there looking after us, sending us love and healing thoughts!

Thank you all for the support, I was in a very dark space yesterday, ah, hell, the last 17 days! This still really sucks the big one, but it is nice to know how many people care about Kline, Denny and I!

So, no we are not on full gaps, we are on stage 2.... I think I am going to try to bring in more veggies baked to help with our constipation......stage 1 was miserable, let's hope stage 2 doesn't kill us! If we can start shittin' I think our detox would be much less intense, at least I hope!

Today, I lost my shit in front of Kline, yet again! Actually at least 2x's!!! My little peanut was so sweet. He tried playing music for me on his tamboreen, tried to make me laugh, and even asked me to pick him up so he could wipe away my tears! I wish I was always so compassionate to him at 3 in the morning. Don't get me wrong, he can be a total shit sometimes, but deep down inside, under all of his oozing, itchy, burning, scaly, scabbed and scarred skin, he is an angel! I just want to give a shout out to god for giving me Kline! Yes, I may dislike you god sometimes, but over all as Anne frank said, "despite of everything, I still believe the world is good!" (don't quote me on that! Have read or acted that play out in years!!)

I hope one day that he will not need to sooth his mama and make things all better for me. That is NOT his job!!!! That is my job, and hopefully I can completely fulfill it.

THank you all,
In complete ahhhhhhhh, Loren