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Friday, March 23, 2012

Time does heal, right???

The night of day 13-14 was terrible...I got home from work at 3am, finally put my head on the pillow at 4am and Kline woke right up having a crazy itching fit. We were all up till 5:30 am itching and not being pleasant to each other...that's what a lack of sleep and a 2year old screaming for hours will do! Then another bad morning, of emotions, tantrums and itching. Finally, got out side for a walk with our friends, which is always good for moral! Kline's skin is looking really dry and scaly, hopefully these are signs of improvement!

My craving are terrible still....I so want to eat anything I see. Tomorrow night I have to work at
Plumpjack for a wedding banquet, not eating any of their amazing food and oh my god delish dessert is going to be torture! Wish me luck!

Lots of big adjustments here with the new job for all three of us.

Xoxoox Loren


  1. I guess you need to nap when you can. It sounds like you are aware of the sleep deprivation and how it is effecting all of you. Keep the end in sight and hug each other lots. We love you!

  2. Oh man, you guys have really had a rough run with Intro. How many detox baths are you getting in each day? You guys would really benefit from them 3x a day. Also make sure neither of you are constipated during all this detox as that is the best way to detoxify during this time.

  3. thanks dad!

    Eileen, we should probably bump up our baths and no our bowels r not working as they should, that could be our biggest problem!! thank you! xooxo

  4. Another thought. It seems like he itches at night a lot. Have you looked into his bedding? Or even his mattress? Most have flame retardants and chemicals.

    Also, I stopped letting my kids wear those flame retardant jammies with chemical in them. The likelihood of us having a house fire and them burning in their bed is extremely slight so I am opting for jammies without flame retardants. I am glad the jammies from Europe are helping him