I am losing my sh**people! I went off Prozac about 3weeks ago and I really wanted to see if gaps helped with depression. I went on anti depressants maybe 2 years ago when I could not deal with the stress of kline's allergies, his bad eczema and the lack of sleep we were all getting. So, I am having a hard time dealing with everything. I feel like a terrible mom and I cry a lot more than normal. I get frustrated with Kline when he is tarring at his skin and when he is up all night yelling at me to itch him.....sometime I just don't know how much more I can take. I don't know he takes it at all!

Kline is only eating, veggies,Seeds, fruits,honey, soups and broths.....soups , veggies and broths in moderation, lots of fruits. I am thinking after we finish all of the fruits in our house, I won't buy any more and we will start gaps sooner than April 1st. I feel like if gaps will help him, why am I waiting another month to start, we are miserable! fruits are going to be very hard to say good by too!

Please send positive thought my way for patients and calm! Thank you,
Going crazy, Loren xoxoxoxoxoxo

Ps, I am on day 3of the juicing fast, that may not be helping my mood either! Although I am not super hungry, which is good, but it's hard to cook fro everyone else and not eat any! Hopefully I'll last a week!

Side effects from the juicing fast, headaches, some pimples coming up , and I started my period early.....so far that's it, not too bad!