Sorry in advance for the venting, can you tell I am frustrated!~

Kline went to a homeopathic dr On wed and is going to another cranial sacrum dr today...? On spelling? The dr. Appointment was very informative and very expensive $275 and very over whelming!!!

We have to get water filters for kitchen, bath and shower...apparently our water has a ton of arsenic in it, how nice! How is it ok for the water companies to be able to sell us water with high levels of arsenic in it, isn't that illegal??? All i can think of is that old movie, arsenic and old lace, where they use arsenic to kill someone!!!! Not something I really want us to be drinking! Plus, we need to get the chlorine out of our water too.

We also have to get an air filter for klines bedroom, thank god one of my very best friends has one she doesn't use! Saves us about $500 bucks!!!

We also have to get an intense poop testing done, I have to collect his poo for 3 days and put it in our fridge, what the f***? And then send it to them in the mail, that should make the post man very happy! And to top it off it costs, $300 bucks!!!

Also, talked about all the treatments she would do with him in the future, naet being one of them. Acupressure, raki, and some kind of slow food introduction thing! I think she charges about 115$ a visit, gulp!!!

Today the cranial dr is about 125$ 1st visit and then 80$ after that!

Cha ching!

So why are we doing all of this homeopathic medicine stuff, this last year in medical bills, we spent over $13,000 in medical and we still owe at least $5, my best friend yasuko would say, "what the bell?". And Kline is still sick, as you can see! I am frustrated and my husband about crapped his pants when he was doing out taxes! I feel like western medicine has just surprised his symptoms, not cured them, so we are trying other weirder and not convention things! Crap, I'd put leeches on him 5times a day and run around naked at Safeway, if that would cure him!!!

And of course, gaps! I am cooking away, studying away and going into this full force!!! I have hope that with homeopathic medicine and gaps, we will find an answer!!!!

Here is a fantastic testimonial from my friend over at the gaps yahoo groups, Reg about her son Elijah who was diagnosed with autism and severe candida over growth, there are so many stories like theirs about how well gaps works, especially for autism. I just wish all autistic families knew about gaps!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Reg for sharing your story!

"Wow you guys I made it through the first year. Some days I thought I was going to surely die. My dog Zoe looks stress dealing with all the the screaming and die off around here.

I am here to tell you that this diet works. With the exception of die off Elijah looks and acts like a new child. I sit in my car sometimes and raise my hands to the Lord for sending us this diet and you guys

Here are some changes His hands no longer looks crippled. I believe the crippling hands came from malnutrition from his picky eating days

His stools are forming/less smelly

He's no longer a picky eater

He doesn't have frequent ear infections or colds anymore

He's no longer non verbal( He actually speaks using three word sentences, he ask questions, he names people, He told me yesterday that his teacher name is Mrs Downey and his friends are Ryan and Jaden

He displays affection, empathy and remorse

Food allergy is getting better. He is still pretty limited in his food

Tantrums are gone( only when he has die off. Prior to the diet he had tantrums all day long

Hyperactivity is gone ( only with die off) Prior to the diet he had extreme hyperactivity. In fact this was his initial diagnosis

The stemming behavior is gone( only with die off doesn't last long though) Prior to this diet he did this all day long

Echolia is gone (only with die off not often anymore) Prior to this diet he did this constantly

Jargon usage are just about gone- Prior to this diet he did this all the time

Unexplained fits and angry outburst are gone- ( will surface with die off) Not as bad though. Praise the Lord

Inappropriate laughter is completely gone

Drunk type behavior is completely gone

Prior to this diet Elijah had extreme allergies and behavioral problem. I prayed constantly for this little guy. I thought he was going to be mentally ill. I thank the good Lord for Dr Natasha love and passion for our children and people with digestion difficulties.

Elijah was functioning at 12 months old when we started( he was
(2 1/2) now he is almost developing at three and in his cognitive skills he is functioning at 4 years old or older. He is 3 1/2. He still has a long way to go but I am so pleased with all of his progress.

Please share my blog with anyone you know that has a family member with autism!!! There as so many stories just like this!!!!! Spread the word and bring an autistic child out of their shell!!
Thank you all, Loren

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