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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hi, my names Loren, and I'm a turd hoarder!!

Hi, my names Loren and I'm a turd hoarder!!

Yep, that is right people, I have become a turd hoarder! Today my son took a huge man size crap and I had to put it in some tupperwear and put it in my fridge! Oh my god, there is something very wrong with poop being right next to all of our healthy bone broth organic free range soups and organic veggies and fruits. Yuck! Hope we don't all die from e-coli!!!
Ps. I have to collect his turds for 3days , refrigerate them qdn send them in the mail to a lad for anal...analysis! Hahahahha pun intended!

Kline eczema is starting to open up, maybe from all of his scratching, not sure. I feel so bad for him, his skin is bleeding! My friend Jackie who has had terrible eczema gave me some kind of liquid silver to out on the scratchy scabs, let's hope it helps!

Sleep tight,
Love, the turd birds!