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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The itching hour, or should I say hours!!!!!!!

Well, the night from day 5 to day 6 was f'ed up!! We stayed at my mom's old cabin in Tahoe, because my husband is ripping out our carpet to help Kline get better! The house either had mold, or too much dust or dust mites, because Kline was the itchiest I have ever seen him ever!!! He was up and itching till 1am! I was insane and I don't think I have ever prayed so hard for a change and help. He finally fell asleep and the woke up 2hours late for another hour itching! It was the night from hell and I don't think we will ever stay at grammy's choo choo cabin again! Did I mention my mom has stuffed animals probably full of dust mite, hanging on all the walls of the cabin!

The rest of the day was much better and we are now staying at one of my best friends homes, thank Jackie, we love you!! It is now 11 pm and he just fell a sleep. He wasn't nearly as itchy but he has a huge tantrum over putting his gloves on...." I hate my gloves, mommy!". I am hoping he will sleep through the night. Hey, a girl an dream can't she?

He was so tired today, he fell a sleep on me at the Truckee kids museum. He has never done that before in his life.

Still no pooping for Kline, poor baby, that is 3days now......I sure hope it's soft when it does decide to pop its little brown head out!

Die off wise for Kline , no poopin', his joints and bones have been hurting, of course the major skin itching etc, his breath is stinky and, He is peeing a lot!!!!!!

My die off was better today, after going off the probiotics! Thank you Jesus! I was not nearly as crazy and I could function, wonderful news for everyone. Hope I don't have stinky breath like Kline?! Major craving....I really want cereal and a mint chocolate chip cliff builder bar, oh my god I love those, I could also go for a margarita and some chocolate cake....can you tell I have a huge sweet tooth? ;-/

It o so very hard to be moving around to different places to stay on gaps, I had to pack all of our foods, and I need some where with a full kitchen to make our meals. It looks like travel may be out for a while, boo hoo! We do have an rv which will be good since we can take our kitchen with us.

Kline loves the pops I have been making with winter squash and bone broth, I think he ate about 6 today along with 5 liver , beef, turkey burgers and 1&1/2 beef short ribs. it is crazy how much he is eating. Sure wish I could get him to take his fclo and bone broth, in time I guess.

We saw a beautiful rainbow today, so I do believe there is light at the end of this dark itchy tunnel! I also got a full time job with benefits, which is awesome...I've been out of work since dec. I will be working from 6 pm-2:30am, 5days a week, hope I can get used to the lack of sleep. Oh wait, I already don't get any sleep, mies well make some money instead of watching juicing videos on you tube till 2 in the morning!

Sleep well, gapians!
Xxoo Loren


  1. As for the cabin experience: I had a similar experience in 2008 (prior to GAPS) with my at-that-time 4 year old. We stayed in a mouldy cabin - the plan was to stay there for 3 nights, with the whole family (grandparents and all). But everything about it was dusty and mouldy. I had a hard time breathing and felt "a cold" building up through the evening. The night was a nightmare, specially for my 4 year old. She kept waking up, not itching as much as her nose was beyond runny - I've never experienced anything like it! We left the cabin early in the morning, got another cabin in the same holiday area and were fine for the rest of the weekend :-)

    And a good thing that you're getting rid of the carpet! Way to go... ;-)

  2. I feel for you, and send loving, healing thoughts xo