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Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 3, stage 1...another crap day!

Kline and I slept till 11am, wintertime, so really noon!! He didn't go to bed till 11pm and was awake itching from3-5.... But we did get some good chunks of sleep, thank god!!!

Then Kline passed out, as I said before, turned blue and hit his head on the floor, scary!!! He forgets to breath while throwing tantrums, duh!!!!

I really don't want to eat any of these meat and veggie foods, so I am forcing myself! I think because I am cooking them all and know what's in them. Kline is eating great! I made honey candies, melt coconut oil with some honey and freeze, pretty yummy and great as a bribing tool.

Today I cooked all day...made kimchee ,? On spelling? Dill pickles, beef stew, and a fish broth soul with eggplant, spinach, and bok co ....not sure all of those veggies are on stage 1but I think they are??? It was not very good at all, I had to force myself to eat it, thank god I made 5gallons of it!!!!!!!!! Lol. Kline ate 2beef/liver patties for lunch and he loves the broc/cauliflower mush with bone broth...ate many bowls full!

Poop wise, Kline had 2soft poo's today, which never happens to him, he always has such huge hard poops. So that was fantastic! I on the other cheek,;-) no poo! Boo hoo! Hopefully tomorrow.

Die off is really bad for me right now....I am super stressed, depressed, impatient, and angry, makes me feel like the worst mom ever! I had to put myself in a time out twice today.
My face is also breaking out a little and I have a head ache right now, I probably should have take a detox bath!

Kline is super itchy as usual, but other than that not too many die offs...... :0)

This week he goes to a chiropractor, a rectal specialist, and his homeopathic dr. I think it should cost us about $300 bucks....and that's just the dr. Visit's, no treatments! Yikes! Sure hope they help him!

Well, tomorrow is day 4...... Wish us luck!!!! we'll need it!
Xoxoxox the crazy lady, Loren


  1. Oh yes! You must both be getting lots of detox baths during Intro. You can do 3 a day if you need...morning, noon, and night. Alternate between epsom salt, baking soda, and raw apple cider vinegar.

  2. Just realize you are doing what you think is the best for Kline. A child's pain is the worst pain any parent can have to deal with. Is that a salve on the back of his legs, to help with the open sores? Remember you are doing the best you can and have faith that it will be the cure for Kline. Love 'em everyday! Love you! Ma & Pa

  3. You are NOT a bad mom! you are doing the best you can to heal your little man! it's just all die off that is talking from you now!! don't give up, you will see good results hopefully! once i'm done breastfeeding i 'll join you in the gaps diet, bc my little one has eczema too. Cod liver oil every day has helped her and probiotics to clear it up...but then i avoid eggs too.she seems allergic to them. and dairy...and gluten... :(