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Sunday, March 18, 2012

videos of the crazies!!! days 4-9 stage 1

DAY 10 Stage 1!!!!

today is god awful, and i don't know why? I heard by 2 weeks it should get better. I am hoping I am not as insane by then!!!!!!~

I started taking pascalite clay to help with die off, so far nothing! and I have kline doing wet dressing now as suggested by another mama ,Emma Blue, who's baby is suffering like can check out her blog at ...thanks to my new friend!!!

here are some videos of the past few days of our whacked ass trip on the crazy gaps diets! I have to warn you, I am one crazy ass mo fo!

i have to go clean, xoxox loren

here is day 7 video...i tried all day to download other ones but the darn thing didn't work...will try again tomorrow!

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  1. The poor guy doesn't understand why all the inching and pain and emotions, none of us do. We pray everyday for relief for Kline, you and Denny. We hope this will get better everyday. Love you! Please give our love to Kline!!!!!!!!!!!! Ma & Pa