picture of kale before I made kale chips!

Written on Friday march 2, 2012

I have never made pate before and never in a million years thought that I would! While making it the other day I got some in my hair and well, I was thinking if we aren't supposed to use hair products on the gaps diet, pate is actually a great conditioner!!! Give it a try, the next time you are cuisenarting your innards, smooth some into you hair! only down side, if you want to sell this product you won't be able to put "Vegan" on it! ;-)

Kline is doing ok pneumonia wise, but his skin is still so bad....I have still been giving him his anti histamine, using Epsom baths, olive oil on his skin and borage oil too....not sure anything is helping! So sad and so frustrating! I am almost tempted to start him on gaps earlier than I April 1st!!!!

He did great eating cauliflower mashed "potato's".... He pretty much ate a whole head by himself, so I figure worse comes to worse I give him that with broth in it as much as possible, since he isn't too into the soups or stews yet! He did drink some butternut squash soup with bone broth and innards in it, I had to bribe Him but oh well!

He loves the new juicer, he even drank a little tomato veggie juice tonight....wow! He loves helping me make the juice, it is actually really fun.

I am so proud of him. Today, we had to run into a gas station store to use the bathroom, he saw all the candy and didn't even say a word. Amazing, normally he would have been begging me to get him something....maybe he is going to be ok with out sugar! The real question is, will I?

I started a juice fast today, I was hoping to go for a while but we will see.....I added in bone broths, since they are so good for you anyway! I had to chug some of the more green and veggie drinks because they were gagging me! I am definitely a beginner juicer!!

If any of you have a favorite juicer recipe...please leave me a comment either here or on kline's facebook page.....


Night night, don't let the itchy bed bugs bite!!
Xoxox loren