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Saturday, March 17, 2012

No, my son does not have leprosy!!!

Klines skin is bad, it is Open, flaking and oozing and people are noticing. Worried mom's are asking me, is that a rash or what? Like they are scared shit less that their kids are going to catch it! My poor baby! He is up most of the night itching still and he hates his mittens on his hands at night, throws a huge tantrum! The die off is hard, but I think his skin is starting to heal, I think!

We started baking soda baths last night and they seemed more soothing than I think I will stick with baking soda and seaweed bath. I am not really puting anything on his skin, because I really don't think anything helps!

We r still out of our home and at my friends house. We should be back in our home tonight....with new, no carpets full of allergens and dust mites, floors!! And tomorrow I plan on getting rid of everything, stuffed animals and nicknacks! The less to catch dust the better.

Day 7&8 of stage 1st were ok....still tons of itching and emotions! No one is really pooping normally..I miss my big old daily poops! ;) sorry! My face is breaking out with pimples. And I find that eating fats is really important to subdue die off. Still off probies but taking lots of fclo and our ferments.

I'll post some videos when we get to out home sweet home.....traveling on gaps sucks!!! Thank god, I have great friends and family!

Kline is eating a ton of meats, like 6hamburgers and 5chicken legs a day, and 4cups or so of frozen veggie bone broth pops! This definitely makes them good eater! He eats all day.
I personally am sick of savory foods!!!!

Gotta run, will post more later!

Ps. I am going to talk to a gaps practitioner out of washington, DC sometime next week to make sure we r on track!

Xoxoxo Loren

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  1. Hope today goes better for Kline and you guys. Love you! Love 'em everyday!