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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Homemade tooth paste really tastes like shit!

So today is our 14 th day, and people said it would be better by now! Ah, no! Not the case in our freak world! I am such a mess , I cried at kline's dr. Appointment with dr. Cathy Taylor the best dr. In truckee!!!! She really cares for her patients with all of her heart! And Jenna her assistant is amazing too!!!!

Kline itches all night long, didn't sleep, was super itchy all day long and threw lots of tantrums.....we are just not happy at all and really need some relief soon. I don't know how so many people stay with gaps when the detox is so hard! We must be really f'ed up toxic people...ugh!

Anyway, I started my night job and I have never been so excited about cleaning toilets in my life!

One, it gives us another steady income.
2, we will get benefits.
And 3, I get to miss the night time freak out itch fest known as kline's bed time! Poor hubby, hasn't adjusted to well to it yet! Looks like we will all be sleep deprived and grumpy from now on!

So, I am hoping we are going to turn a corner soon, we have to, for our sanity, or for what little sanity we have left!

Night night, Loren xoxoxoxooox

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