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Saturday, March 10, 2012

We survived day 1 of intro!!!

Above is a picture of our cart at the grocery store for stage 1....pretty damn healthy!!!

Today at 1st Kline was pretty pissed off about starting gaps, and not eating fruits! See video below!!!

But then an hour later he got on board, kind of!! He ate meatballs for breakfast, a chicken leg for snack, fermented cod liver oil in bone broth, another chicken leg, squash soup with broccoli in it, meatball soup with probiotics in it, zucchini lasagna , chamomile tea, and lemon water with a little honey and natural calm to help him poop!!

He ate a lot, and a lot of balls.......I mean meatballs! ;)
He even drank his bone broths, nice!!!

He had one huge hard poop and one soft one, yeah!!!!!

Die off's , we both took a really long nap, I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open. Last night my body ached all over, like my nervous system was overwhelmed or something. Really weird! And I am having a bit of a hemeroids flare up, could be all the enemas! ;)

Kline's die offs seem pretty minimal, and since he is always so itch can't tell if that is from die off or not? Sure hope he sleeps through the night!

A cute and inappropriate Kline story!

Kline was playing with the tubing for my enema bag and I said," Kline don't play with that it goes up your butt!!" and he said, " mommy, put that up your butt, right now! " too funny!!

Night to all,

the douche bag,
Loren ;-) xxoo