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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 5 morning was the worst!!

I was literally crazy!! Kline didn't sleep last night and so neither did I! No sleep for years on end can really make a person batty! He woke up super early after going to bed super late, and I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open, I soooooooo needed a mocha!!!!!!!!!!

Then after a good 2hours of itching I started to get our broth and probiotics together( please note that I found out this afternoon, I shouldn't be giving or having those crazy mo fo's the probiotics, guess it make die off terrible, hmmmmmmmm I resemble that!) and I burned the shit out of my arm on bone broth! Watch out people this diet is dangerous!

Then I was trying to heat up kline's stew and I turned on the wrong burner and nearly caught the house on fire, smoke was everywhere. I think on stage 1 you have no brain function!

So we were supposed to go to Reno by 10am for a dr. Appointment, I was so out of it and crazy I had to cancel it......I actually didn't want to leave the house at all.

Once I ate some fatty chicken and drank a lemon water with salt, I was much better, and could actually function, somewhat.

Kline 's die off's were bad today, super itchy, bleeding/ oozing in many spots and all of his " bones" hurt. Poor baby! No pop today either, crap!

My die off was crazy emotions again, still not much poopin' going on. Also, my eyes feel like they have a ton of pressure behind them and I want to pop them out. And I seem super sensitive to sounds , seems like everyone is screaming. Also, my hands are super dry and scaly.

So, now we are at my mom's cabin at lake Tahoe because my husband is getting out dust mite carpet out of our house, hopefully we will only be here 2 night, I personally doubt that. Kline is not too happy About being here. Apparently he " don't like this place!"

hopefully tomorrow will be better! No prob's for us till maybe stage 3!!!!!

Good night from beautiful lake tahoe California! Xoxooxoo

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