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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Squash is a real bitch to peel!

Day 11 was much better than day 1-10

And here it is, the end of day 12.....we made it through day 12 and still on stage 1.......we are staying on stage 1 longer since we have such bad die off and Kline is in such bad shape....and honestly I am an emotional mess!

We skyped with a gaps practitioner today and she has a lot of useful info!

Kline is such a mess...he is still up at almost 1 am itching. Today was my first day at the new job and let's just say my husband doesn't seem to chipper about him having to itch Kline all day instead of me. The practitioner said that Kline's skin will still probably get much worse before better! F***! We tried putting honey on him today under his wet dressing, aka pajama's which he hates! My hubby doesn't seem to be on board with the wet dressing since when I got home just now from work he was in totally dry, never been wet, nice comfy pj's......since I work 5 nights a week now, I guess wet pj's may not be happening. I understand that he hates them and throws a tantrum but I wish we could at least try it for a week!

The practitioner suggested putting honey, avo, and seaweed on his skin, switching every night.....and seaweed baths......sound so yummy....wish I was at sushi!

Oh man, at the work office there is so much processed food and candy, it was driving me crazy all night and I so wanted to devour it all.......the torture just hasn't let up yet.

Now, when Kline is sick of us itching him he says, " blow me, daddy!". Too freakin' funny, so we got the "eat me" aka itch me and now the "blow me".... My kid is so rude! ;-)

Well, I better run and take over the night shift on itching, petting and blowing! Ta ta!

Ps. I thought you would love to know that my roids are totally flaring up! Could be from all the detoxing, roid making, enemas I've been doing! ;)

pps, a day 12 night sleep up date...he did not sleep!! no wet dressings seems to make his sleep way worse....maybe my hubby will try them tonight, hope so!

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  1. Glad to hear there is some progress with Kline's skin. We hadn't heard from you for a few days and were concerned that you ran off and left Denny with Kline. The least you could do is bring Kline to us when you have a melt down.

    How does the house look and feel without the rugs? I bet a bit noisier. Glad to hear that the candy machine is taking your mind off your work, Ha, Ha. You always did have a tough time with the candies! We sure hope 13-20 go much better. Did the practitioner say why Kline's skin is so bad and apt to get worse? Poor guy must be exhausted, along with you and Denny. Wish we were close to spell you while you catch up on sleep. We love you very much and pray for a cure and relief everyday, all day long. Maybe we should have gone to church all these years. Talk to us when you get a chance. Love you! Mar and Dad