Stop topical steroid abuse!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We just can't take it anymore!

we are starting gaps sooner than april 1st, I think on friday we will be on the intro stage 1!!! Kline's skin isn't getting any better, it is bleeding and oozing , no one is sleeping and we are crying way too much! So, I am only buying stage 1 foods as of now!! wish us luck and we will keep you posted!
thanks for all of the support and good thoughts! We need it!
xoxoxoxo loren

Day 6 of juice feast, going well,I am not hungry and the juices are going down easier!!! I am super mood and have little patients, even more than normal! ;-) I have lost 6 lbs and plan on doing a coffee enema soon! Oh, fun fun fun!!!