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Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 21..... I am diagnosing myself with turrets!

Day 21... I am diagnosing myself with turrets!!!

So, I have always talked like a sailor! But since gaps intro started I have now diagnosed myself with turrets! Self diagnose but still...I fucking cuss all of the time. I used to be suck a fucking goodie two shoe that when at 13, my mother allowed me to start using bad words, I just went with it! It was the one thing I could do that wasn't bad! God forbid I have sex early or drink anything other than a wine cooler, and that was in senior year. So, when my very stricter mother gave me the green light to use curse words, I ran with it and never looked back! I think because I am such a fucking prude that it feels so good to cuss! So, refreshing, such a release.

Well, since I started intro 21 days ago, I have never cussed so much...I've even gottin' I. Trouble on a family facebook site, ;-)! When I go into to my 2 year old like tantrums, I have so many Nasty words coming out of my mouth, I swear I have turrets! Shit, damn, fuck! Oops, sorry, see what I mean!

I absolutely know I I will be the mom getting called in at kline's school to talk about his bad language, and unfortunately my husband will get the absolute please in saying...." guess who he got that from, I told you were going to warp him, Loren!!!!"

So, he is a very cute and funny and disturbing to some people , Kline story!

We were skiing a few weeks ago at Squaw valley and I took Kline on something way to hard for him! So, I was super stressed and I was, you guessed it, cussing! I believe I sounded a little something like this,

"Shit, mother fucker, this was a crap ass idea!!, this is killing my mother fucking back! What the hell was I thinking!".

Kline handled it much better than I did!!! So, I finally cussed ourselves to the bottom
And Kline Response was

" SHIT!"

and because I am such a good mother I said,

" oh, honey you aren't allowed to say shit!"

And he said,
" I say shit a little bit mommy!"

And so we came to an agreement, he can say shit a little bit, when a little shit is the best thing to say!

Man, do I love my kid.....the apples doesn't fall far from the tree!

Ps,Sorry, I am not trying to make fun of anyone with turrets, as I know it is not a funny disease!

Have a fuck in' kick ass night! Loren


  1. I know, it was growing up in Jersey that turned you into a true "MF'in" Jersey Girl. On no, you were only born in Jersey and raised in Maryland. Somehow, I know Jersey will still get the rap! We love you anyway and yes, Denny is right, you need to replace some of your vocabulary with words like.
    Freakin' Ice Hole, Cork Sucker, and Egg Buster, there is probably a whole list of "Almost OK, to say" curses. It might be too late to help you; but Kline should be steered away from the terrible "Jersey" ways. Love you! Ma & Pa

  2. Haha, being British I always have to moderate my language! My mother hates it, but I often think better out than in!