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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You know you are on the gaps diet when you need dental floss at the dinner table!!!

Well, we made it through another day.....I was much better!! Kline was super itchy and aggravated today....his skin is inflamed all over......he even has scabs and eczema on the underside of his penis, poor baby!! He has never had it there before! I sure hope his die off goes fast.

I took him to his first chiropractor appointment today and he will go again Wednesday. Dr. Kathy said he was really out of wake and even his face was out of place, wow! His one eye is higher than the other...I always thought his ears were in different places but I thought that was just him! Goofy little guy! He took a nice long nap after.

Today, I cut out honey completely and only did the few veggies listed in the book. It sucked, I really wanted something sweet.....everywhere you look there is junk food, damn! Kline had a 3 Popsicle today....I know you're thinking , that can not be on gaps! Well, yes it is, he had 3 squash and bone broth Popsicle. He asked me what flavor it was and I just said, " yellow!" I didn't want to blow my secret.

We ate,
Bone broth, Kline still won't drink it!
Veggie mush "potatoes"
Kraut juice
Chicken legs
He even ate liver right before bed!
The 3 secret weapons pops
And dinosaur bones for dinner....we pretended we were cavemen and ate Dinosaur bone, aka beef short ribs! So cute!
Pretty good job today! I can't wait for my craving to leave!

Neither one of us poo'ed today.....that's 2 days for me, but who's counting? :) I didn't give Kline natural calm, so I hope that wasn't a mistake.

I decided to try another probiotic enema, since I didn't poo and I had a bad headache.....we'll I got all the water boiled and got it all ready and accidentally dropped some chicken stock in the water.....oops! I was not about to re boil the water and let it cool so I just went for it! Chicken broth and all. So, if I poop out a chick tomorrow I'll put it in the fridge for anal-ysis! ;0)

Kline took for ever to go to sleep tonight, soooo soooooo itchy! He finally was a sleep by 11:30pm..sure hope he sleeps tonight!

On to day #5

Love! Loren xoxoxoxoo

Ps. Did I tell you , klines chiropractor suggested we stay on each stage 3weeks, crap!


  1. Well done for starting this journey. Things will improve. Poor little itchy guy xo

  2. poor little guy, it looks so painful. I REALLY hope GAPS will help with your problem!!! crossing fingers! don't give up, you are doing great!

  3. He is wearing the same jammy bottoms that my son has. : )

    Is he allergic to honey? We purchase this...

    I put in a search term of eczema within the reviews and it had 4 hits with this honey... One lady said her childs excema was healed

    I don't have much faith in mainstream medicine anymore. They are there for good reason...but you have to take them with a grain of salt. They don't know everything and they can be and are wrong at times I am appalled at how much drugs people take because it is now "normal."