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Friday, March 23, 2012


So, hAve you seen the show "shameless"? Well, if you haven't you should. It is awesome. I have been feeling like a really crap ass mom lately, with all of my angry tantrums and emotional melt downs. But hey, at least I'm not stealing my kids money to buy uppers and cocaine and ditching my kids when things get rough! No, we may be in hell right now, but this is my hell and I am in for the long hall....till our hell becomes heaven!! Come on God please make it better soon!

So, if you are feeling like a crap ass parent like I am, watch shameless, it will make you look like June cleaver! Hey, at least I'm not a crack offense! ;-)

Ps. Day 14 sucked too!

Kline saw the ever so talented Michael Kerrigan , acupuncture and Chinese formula guru! He is putting Kline on a formula that he says will cure him eventually, but like everything else, we will have to be persistent and patient! Thank you Kerrigan for giving me hope!

Gotta go dust some desks!


Love, the crazy ass cleaning lady!

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  1. Swifter's and Toilet bowl spray. The new Ninja Cleaning Lady!! "Wax on - Wax off!" Spray, Swish and Flush! No touching though.
    So glad your new Dr.'s are feeling you pain and giving you some emotional support. Like we said yesterday, you need to take care of yourself toooooo! Hope Kline is better sooner than later. Love you! Mar and Dad