Day 5of the juice feast, done!! Feeling good! I do hate that it is girl scout cookie season, every time I go to the grocery store their they are, tempting me! You suck girl scouts!!! Nah, just kidding, I gave them a donation Instead of taking those ,deadly , processed and completely yummy cookies home. Lost 5 lbs!!

Kline's skin is still sooooo bad! My husband describes it as, someone having poison oak/Ivy over 95 % of their body for months/years on end. Could you imagine? I think I would be a little ornery too.

We are almost done with fruits, only a little watermelon, blueberries, grapes , and 2apples left. He is eating great! He tried sauerkraut today and loved it , i think it will be hard to limit him eating that. I got him a new thermos to put his soup in and he was so excited he at a ton more of his stew just because he wanted to use it. ;)

He is pooping a massive amount, even with out a coffee enema. He has very hard almost impacted poops, (just like mine before i went off gluten 5 years ago) not sure if that is from all the banana's he has been eating or the new probiotic? But he holds it until he can't any more and man, it hurts so bad, I hope gaps will help our pooping issues.

Cute Kline story..... We went skiing at alpine meadows the other day, after shredding it up on the bunny slope, we went inside for lunch, I had some juice and Kline had "chachamole", aka, guacamole. ;). Daddy had a port of subs BBQ chicken sandwich. Let me tell you the smell was killing me! Kline said, "daddy, you have a fancy sandwich! It taste yummy?" Denny and I both felt so bad for the little guy. Then Denny said, "no, Kline it's not very good at all."..........liar! There will probably be many moments like this in the son is such a trooper.

I can't imagine how parent survive having a child with a life threading disease. Kline's issue are often too much for me to handle. It is so heart breaking to see your baby in so much pain.

Love to all those with babies that suffer! I feel for you,